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BMW Rotor, Left, Right, part #34-21-6-864-046
  • Manufactured: BMW
  • Part number: 34-21-6-864-046
  • Part: Rotor, Left, Right
  • Replaces: 34-21-1-166-129
  • Price: $130.81

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2004BMW760i6.0L V12 - GasBase
2005BMW760i6.0L V12 - GasBase
2003BMW760Li6.0L V12 - GasBase
2004BMW760Li6.0L V12 - GasBase
2005BMW760Li6.0L V12 - GasBase
2002BMW745i4.4L V8 - GasBase
2003BMW745i4.4L V8 - GasBase
2004BMW745i4.4L V8 - GasBase
2005BMW745i4.4L V8 - GasBase
2002BMW745Li4.4L V8 - GasBase
2003BMW745Li4.4L V8 - GasBase
2004BMW745Li4.4L V8 - GasBase
2005BMW745Li4.4L V8 - GasBase

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
SWFF51-24-7-201-462 + Lift Cylinder, Right$79.86
SWF634-35-6-789-493 + Wear Indicator, Right Rear, Left Rear$22.01
SWFS34-35-6-789-440 + Wear Indicator, Left Front, Right Front$22.01
SWFA61-31-9-241-915 + Switch Panel, Left$187.79
SWFP31-32-1-128-988 + Strut Cartridge, Right, Left$218.08
SWFB51-47-1-923-981 + Rear Panel Trim, Lower, Rear$124.17
SWFZ41-52-1-960-233 + Upper Hinge, Left Upper$26.47
SWFI54-31-8-100-908 + Weatherstrip, Front$273.89
SWFE71-23-6-987-936 + Info Label, Front$17.47
SWFC11-14-1-710-248 + Timing Cover Gasket, Lower, Outer, Inner, Right, Front$1.72
SWF451-16-9-144-982 + Console Assembly Bracket, Rear$19.20
SWF251-41-7-222-133 + Lower Molding, Left Lower$197.96
SWFJ11-12-1-725-002 + Valve Cover Gasket, Right$41.23
SWF007-11-9-906-287 + Lower Control Arm Lock Nut, Left Rear, Left Lower, Right Rear, Right Lower$2.73
SWFM16-14-6-765-122 + Sending Unit, Left$161.65
SWFG41-00-7-286-319 + Reinforce Bar, Left$87.30
SWFV07-14-6-986-927 + Center Bracket Screw, Right, Left$1.75
SWFX41-52-8-185-429 + Door Shell, Left$493.90
SWFN31-30-6-851-799 + Guide Support Screw, Left, Right$2.97
SWFR51-72-3-449-348 + Surround Weather-Strip, Left, Right$51.23
SWFW07-14-9-148-310 + Seat Belt Assembly Bolt, Left, Right$1.54
SWFY07-14-6-986-939 + Mount Bracket Nut, Right, Left$2.48
SWF833-53-1-138-577 + Bumper, Left, Right$20.45
SWFQ34-35-6-789-439 + Wear Indicator, Right Front, Left Front$22.01
SWF934-35-6-789-501 + Wear Indicator, Right Front, Left Front$24.45
SWFK51-32-8-201-065 + Cover, Left Inner$29.65
SWFD31-22-6-867-808 + Front Hub and Bearing, Left Front, Right Front$350.60
SWF351-41-7-222-135 + Upper Molding, Left Upper$162.53
SWFO34-41-0-038-346 + Brake Shoes Repair Kit, Right, Left$25.32
SWF131-30-6-779-604 + Guide Support, Right, Left$147.46
SWFH51-76-7-372-775 + Surround Weather-Strip, Left$100.59
SWFL31-30-6-868-240 + Strut Mount Gasket, Right, Left$10.32
SWF734-35-6-789-494 + Wear Indicator, Left Rear, Right Rear$22.01
SWFU34-35-6-789-445 + Wear Indicator, Rear$25.69
SWF534-35-6-789-492 + Wear Indicator, Right Front, Left, Left Front$22.01
SWFT34-35-6-789-441 + Wear Indicator, Right Front, Left Front$22.01
SW6F52-10-7-249-492 + Lower Cover, Right Lower, Left Lower$980.23
SW6641-00-3-450-393 + Rail Section, Left$171.63
SW6S66-51-9-384-686 + Lane Assist Cmra, Left Front, Right Front$1,130.27
SW6A63-13-7-165-857 + Turn Signal Lamp, Left$61.98
SW6P34-10-6-856-301 + Caliper Retainer Spring, Right, Left$17.79
SW6B63-13-7-165-862 + Signal Lamp Assembly, Right$43.35
SW6Z12-90-7-571-276 + Lower Panel, Lower$34.96
SW6I11-81-1-141-377 + Front Mount, Left Front, Right Front$110.51
SW6E51-32-8-213-982 + Channel, Right$165.87
SW6C37-14-6-853-755 + Rear Height Sensor, Right Rear, Left Rear$88.88
SW6451-12-8-124-048 + Rear Cover, Rear$230.97
SW6233-53-6-767-335 + Shock Protector, Right, Left$22.00
SW6J54-10-7-227-894 + Gate Assembly, Rear$174.36
SW6033-32-6-760-380 + Rear Upper Control Arm Nut, Left Outer, Left Inner, Left Front, Left Rear, Left Upper, Right Outer, Right Inner, Right Front, Right Rear, Right Upper$4.61
SW6M33-30-3-420-501 + Trailing Arm, Left$750.04
SW6G33-32-6-795-047 + Ft Upper Control Arm, Left, Left Upper, Left Front$329.08
SW6V51-13-7-114-116 + End Cap, Right$6.71
SW6X33-32-6-760-376 + Ft Upper Control Arm Nut, Right Upper, Left Upper$1.85
SW6N11-13-1-713-705 + Oil Pan Gasket, Lower$10.49
SW6R33-32-6-760-360 + Suspension Cross-Member Bolt, Left Front, Right Front$6.16
SW6W33-32-6-760-374 + Upper Control Arm Nut, Left Outer, Left Upper, Right Outer, Right Upper$3.65
SW6Y51-45-3-413-281 + Courtesy Lamp Bezel, Right, Left$19.97
SW6841-00-3-450-400 + Rail Assembly, Right$382.41
SW6Q33-32-6-760-344 + Suspension Cross-Member Bolt, Right, Left$10.04
SW6934-10-6-856-387 + Caliper Mount, Left, Right$290.35
SW6K32-41-6-781-747 + Lower Press Line, Lower$249.56
SW6D51-43-7-154-709 + Pillar Trim, Left$290.49
SW6351-11-1-869-769 + End Cover, Left$309.24
SW6O34-10-6-859-182 + Brake Pads, Front$131.37
SW6133-32-6-760-383 + Lower Control Arm Nut, Left Outer, Left Lower, Right Outer, Right Lower$5.71
SW6H52-10-7-152-076 + Seat Back Cover, Left Rear, Right Rear$1,078.34
SW6L34-11-6-797-579 + Caliper Mount Mount Bolt, Left, Right$2.92
SW6741-00-3-450-395 + Rear Rail, Left Rear$336.68
SW6U11-65-7-616-896 + Heat Deflector, Lower$72.14
SW6532-42-1-432-207 + Power Steering Pump Rear Bracket, Rear$53.14
SW6T33-32-6-760-364 + Lower Control Arm Lock Plate, Right Lower, Left Lower$8.82
SWSF64-31-8-379-625 + Housing, Left$118.78
SWS631-10-6-863-739 + Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Lower$184.51
SWSS51-16-7-030-716 + Cover, Right$46.68
SWSA51-21-7-292-576 + Handle, Outside Gasket, Right$17.51
SWSP51-41-7-140-281 + Door Trim Panel, Left$1,072.37
SWSB54-34-7-194-448 + Seal Strip, Right Rear$374.82
SWSZ51-22-7-202-127 + Lock Actuator, Left$538.93
SWSI41-52-7-312-189 + Door Shell, Right$637.18
SWSE54-13-7-199-324 + Crank Handle, Front$10.48
SWSC51-14-7-364-429 + Nameplate, Left$37.06
SWS411-12-1-738-608 + Valve Cover Nut, Inner$14.52
SWS261-31-9-290-750 + Dash Control Unit, Rear$733.77
SWSJ07-11-9-907-556 + Suspension Cross-Member Front Bolt, Left Front, Right Front$4.25
SWS061-31-9-290-751 + Repair Kit, Rear$733.77
SWSM51-32-1-960-663 + Applique Nut, Upper$0.42
SWSG64-31-8-379-627 + Cover, Left$35.52
SWSV63-21-7-160-788 + Backup Lamp Bulb, Left Rear, Right Rear$15.66
SWSX11-65-7-849-650 + Turbocharger, Right$3,344.64
SWSN33-32-2-347-993 + Rear Upper Control Arm, Left, Left Rear, Left Upper$290.32
SWSR33-32-2-348-886 + Ft Upper Control Arm, Right Upper, Right Front, Left Upper, Left Front$248.09
SWSW51-76-7-322-457 + Front Seal, Left Front$35.37
SWSY32-31-1-093-274 + Lower Column Cover, Lower$17.48
SWS851-33-7-392-177 + Belt Molding, Left$102.15
SWSQ33-32-2-347-992 + Upper Control Arm, Right, Upper$290.32
SWS951-33-7-392-173 + Window Molding, Left$155.93
SWSK33-41-1-093-567 + Stub Shaft, Left, Right$115.52
SWSD07-12-9-907-861 + Lower Control Arm Bolt, Left Inner, Left Front, Left Lower, Right Inner, Right Front, Right Lower$5.73
SWS351-61-7-378-711 + Strut Bar, Inner$68.60
SWSO52-10-7-253-635 + Seat Back Cover, Left Rear$962.78
SWS163-12-6-930-233 + Headlamp Assembly, Left$1,345.61
SWSH65-90-6-990-216 + CD Changer Mount Bracket, Left, Right$38.32
SWSL33-30-6-760-393 + Lower Control Arm Bolt, Right Outer, Right Inner, Right Rear, Right Lower, Left Outer, Left Inner, Left Rear, Left Lower$7.45
SWS751-12-7-156-771 + Upper Trim, Left Upper$41.28
SWSU34-21-6-794-299 + Rotor, Right, Left$64.07
SWS563-11-7-407-330 + Socket, Left Outer, Right Outer$13.80
SWST33-41-6-795-961 + Bearing, Left Rear, Right Rear$147.01