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BMW Turbocharger, Lower, Rear, part #11-65-7-811-404
  • Manufactured: BMW
  • Part number: 11-65-7-811-404
  • Part: Turbocharger, Lower, Rear
  • Replaces: 11-65-7-802-588
  • Price: $2,280.81

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2009BMW335d3.0L L6 - DieselBase
2010BMW335d3.0L L6 - DieselBase
2011BMW335d3.0L L6 - DieselBase

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
KUFF51-71-1-942-807 + Fender Liner, Left$76.12
KUF666-32-6-873-289 + Object Sensor, Left, Right$1,001.81
KUFS34-21-1-159-933 + Protect Plate, Left$74.46
KUFA11-42-7-832-824 + Inlet Hose, Rear$83.45
KUFP61-61-0-037-009 + Wiper Blade, Left, Left Front, Right Front$40.63
KUFB51-22-7-331-287 + Lock Cable, Left, Right$24.68
KUFZ34-11-2-284-869 + Brake Pads, Front$362.00
KUFI66-32-6-881-632 + Object Sensor, Right$1,001.81
KUFE33-52-1-092-278 + Strut, Left, Right$400.61
KUFC41-12-7-350-751 + Front Floor Pan, Left Front$483.98
KUF407-12-9-904-865 + Wiper Arm Nut, Left, Right$1.32
KUF232-11-1-094-674 + Tie Rod, Right, Right Outer$121.41
KUFJ67-13-6-972-540 + Harness, Left$136.54
KUF033-53-6-857-004 + Lower Seat Pad, Left Lower, Right Lower$8.73
KUFM31-21-6-876-646 + Knuckle, Right$335.46
KUFG67-13-6-972-536 + Harness, Left$136.54
KUFV37-12-6-859-514 + Stabilizer Bar Bracket, Right, Left$21.04
KUFX51-41-8-040-695 + Handle Cover, Left$50.94
KUFN17-11-7-602-064 + Upper Support Bushing, Left Upper, Right Upper$4.91
KUFR41-61-8-203-271 + Hinge, Left$126.33
KUFW64-50-9-196-488 + AC Hoses, Rear$241.90
KUFY33-53-6-857-003 + Lower Seat, Left Lower, Right Lower$8.06
KUF851-16-8-266-468 + Mirror Assembly, Right$745.08
KUFQ22-11-6-779-970 + Front Mount, Right Front, Left Front$122.68
KUF933-50-6-867-864 + Shock Mount, Right, Left$108.81
KUFK41-34-8-111-900 + Rear Panel, Rear$243.40
KUFD32-31-1-162-082 + Lower Shaft, Lower$272.65
KUF332-11-1-094-673 + Tie Rod, Left, Left Outer$121.41
KUFO34-52-6-780-592 + ABS Sensor Bracket, Right$16.11
KUF133-53-6-857-006 + Upper Seat, Left Upper, Right Upper$9.33
KUFH31-21-6-876-643 + Knuckle, Left$280.58
KUFL31-14-3-448-504 + Stone Guard, Right$10.76
KUF733-32-6-795-660 + Trailing Arm, Right$459.48
KUFU61-31-8-373-741 + Control Switch, Left$573.46
KUF566-32-6-873-290 + Object Sensor, Right, Left$1,001.81
KUFT61-31-6-949-441 + Switch Assembly, Front$661.21
KU6F34-11-6-761-252 + Front Pads, Front$115.60
KU6622-11-6-773-744 + Motor Mount, Right$122.68
KU6S31-35-6-780-847 + Stabilizer Link, Left, Right$47.20
KU6A51-47-8-234-047 + Sill Plate Clip, Right Inner, Right Front, Left Inner, Left Front$0.61
KU6P34-52-6-865-795 + ABS Sensor, Left Rear, Right Rear$109.20
KU6B51-16-6-971-035 + Storage Box Mat, Rear$22.81
KU6Z51-16-6-957-587 + Sun-Visor, Left$83.46
KU6I51-76-7-267-927 + Body Weather-Strip, Right, Left$30.58
KU6E34-11-6-761-244 + Brake Pads, Front$89.92
KU6C51-41-7-181-059 + Inner Panel, Left Inner$189.39
KU6407-14-3-428-236 + Fender Liner U-Nut, Left Front, Left Rear, Right Front, Right Rear$0.47
KU6241-51-1-961-311 + Door Shell, Left$627.19
KU6J37-10-6-769-837 + Pressure Tube, Left$166.66
KU6051-33-7-311-259 + Run Channel, Left$113.98
KU6M18-30-7-647-040 + Catalytic Converter, Front$969.27
KU6G52-10-7-124-053 + Seat Back Frame, Left Rear$358.44
KU6V18-30-7-647-065 + Rear Muffler, Right Rear$544.62
KU6X07-14-9-231-837 + Hinge Bolt, Left, Right$2.67
KU6N18-30-7-647-041 + Catalytic Converter, Front, Rear$969.27
KU6R07-11-9-904-309 + Rear Trim Panel Screw, Rear$1.60
KU6W18-30-7-647-067 + Rear Muffler, Right Rear$544.62
KU6Y33-52-6-873-643 + Stone Guard, Right, Left$56.60
KU6851-43-1-875-447 + Lock Pillar Trim, Left$186.14
KU6Q18-30-7-647-053 + Exhaust Pipe, Front$654.64
KU6952-20-7-070-024 + Lower Cover, Lower$1,063.15
KU6K33-52-6-781-929 + Strut, Left$412.56
KU6D41-11-8-152-996 + Side Rail, Right Front$337.34
KU6365-12-3-450-757 + Front Dr Speaker, Left Lower, Left Front, Right Lower, Right Front$59.34
KU6O13-72-1-702-908 + Filter Element, Left, Right$33.19
KU6141-00-7-172-014 + Plate, Left$116.78
KU6H31-33-1-128-523 + Upper Seat, Left Upper, Right Upper$8.04
KU6L31-12-0-006-482 + Lower Control Arm Bushing, Right Rear, Right Lower, Left Rear, Left Lower$89.81
KU6752-10-2-759-561 + Mount Kit, Left, Right$40.21
KU6U18-30-7-647-066 + Rear Muffler, Left Rear$641.93
KU6518-30-7-647-128 + Rear Muffler, Rear$695.09
KU6T18-30-7-647-064 + Rear Muffler, Left Rear$641.93
KUSF52-20-7-344-800 + Cushion Cover, Right$1,016.89
KUS633-10-7-510-289 + Axle Seals, Left, Right$13.91
KUSS41-00-7-400-554 + Front Roof Panel, Front$695.18
KUSA51-22-7-191-897 + Handle, Outside, Left$896.94
KUSP11-13-0-396-711 + Oil Pan, Lower$490.17
KUSB52-10-7-229-557 + Cushion Cover, Left$755.21
KUSZ22-32-6-769-879 + Rear Support, Rear$97.06
KUSI51-47-3-424-659 + Luggage Cover, Rear$1,008.85
KUSE51-24-7-269-543 + Lock Actuator, Right Lower, Right Upper$293.28
KUSC63-21-7-161-306 + Signal Lamp Bulb, Left Front, Right Front$25.27
KUS441-00-7-438-439 + Fender, Left$371.65
KUS251-47-7-253-825 + Pad, Left$72.98
KUSJ16-11-7-293-528 + Reservoir Spacer, Right, Left$3.65
KUS054-37-7-197-982 + Harness, Right$101.56
KUSM07-12-9-905-423 + Catalytic Converter Mount Bolt, Left, Right$1.21
KUSG51-71-2-759-714 + Wheelhouse Liner, Right$103.69
KUSV41-21-1-927-387 + Hinge Pillar, Left$261.81
KUSX07-14-9-149-284 + Door Trim Panel Retainer, Right$1.10
KUSN51-45-7-143-581 + Lower Cover, Lower$424.03
KUSR11-12-7-835-905 + Upper Cover, Upper$900.76
KUSW51-45-7-143-621 + Lower Trim, Right Lower$481.74
KUSY22-31-6-776-523 + Rear Support, Rear$97.06
KUS872-11-9-813-974 + Buckle End Bolt, Right, Left$4.24
KUSQ52-20-7-344-851 + Cushion Cover, Left$1,251.55
KUS963-12-7-387-919 + Headlamp Assembly Retainer, Left, Right$6.46
KUSK41-21-7-272-281 + Baffle Plate, Left, Right$40.55
KUSD52-10-7-229-569 + Cushion Cover, Left$573.94
KUS352-10-7-229-675 + Headrest, Left, Right$152.87
KUSO51-75-7-201-782 + Under-Body Shield, Front$59.68
KUS151-41-3-416-613 + Pull Handle, Left$320.89
KUSH51-45-7-143-557 + Lower Trim, Left Lower$471.17
KUSL41-21-7-272-283 + Baffle Plate, Right Rear, Left Rear$40.55
KUS741-35-8-066-939 + Fender Center Bracket, Left Front$31.84
KUSU41-00-7-400-556 + Rear Roof Panel, Rear$554.32
KUS541-35-8-066-937 + Fender Front Bracket, Left Upper, Left Front$31.84
KUST41-11-8-145-471 + Side Rail Assembly, Left Front$316.83