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BMW Lower Shaft, Lower, part #32-31-1-162-082
  • Manufactured: BMW
  • Part number: 32-31-1-162-082
  • Part: Lower Shaft, Lower
  • Replaces: 32-31-1-159-029, 32-30-1-161-643
  • Price: $272.65

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1994BMW850Ci5.0L V12 - GasBase
1995BMW850Ci5.4L V12 - GasBase
1996BMW850Ci5.4L V12 - GasBase
1997BMW850Ci5.4L V12 - GasBase
1994BMW850CSi5.6L V12 - GasBase
1995BMW850CSi5.6L V12 - GasBase
1994BMW840Ci4.0L V8 - GasBase
1995BMW840Ci4.0L V8 - GasBase
1996BMW840Ci4.4L V8 - GasBase
1997BMW840Ci4.4L V8 - GasBase
1994BMW750iL5.0L V12 - GasBase
1994BMW740iL4.0L V8 - GasBase
1994BMW740i4.0L V8 - GasBase
1994BMW540i4.0L V8 - GasBase
1995BMW540i4.0L V8 - GasBase
1994BMW530i3.0L V8 - GasBase
1995BMW530i3.0L V8 - GasBase
1993BMW525i2.5L L6 - GasBase
1994BMW525i2.5L L6 - GasBase
1995BMW525i2.5L L6 - GasBase

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IPF611-14-1-439-646 + Timing Cover, Lower, Outer, Front$329.63
IPFS51-45-2-756-345 + Glove Box Frame Bolt, Lower$3.99
IPFA34-11-6-850-886 + Brake Pads, Front$121.62
IPFP52-20-7-049-215 + Seat Back Frame, Left, Rear$520.48
IPFB63-31-6-961-980 + Map Lamp, Left, Right$16.10
IPFZ31-21-6-876-847 + Knuckle, Left$280.58
IPFI11-13-7-621-072 + Upper Oil Pan, Upper$1,115.02
IPFE33-52-1-094-091 + Guide Support, Right, Left$98.93
IPFC51-47-8-149-914 + Floor Cover, Rear, Front$139.41
IPF454-37-7-415-367 + Rear Seal, Rear$673.58
IPF254-37-7-415-361 + Front Seal, Front$445.38
IPFJ72-11-7-210-859 + Seat Belt Assembly, Left$327.59
IPF051-71-7-260-700 + Rear Fender Liner, Right Rear$78.09
IPFM41-51-1-961-233 + Door Shell, Left$1,962.97
IPFG51-47-7-252-642 + Side Trim Panel Plate, Left Rear$5.96
IPFV34-20-3-414-763 + Carrier Bolt, Left, Right$2.84
IPFX51-76-7-389-662 + Front Seal, Right Front$36.98
IPFN51-71-2-233-361 + Air Duct, Left Lower$42.32
IPFR33-55-1-095-532 + Stabilizer Link, Left, Right$52.47
IPFW07-12-9-903-041 + Coat Hook Screw, Left, Right$3.23
IPFY51-71-8-233-801 + Gasket, Left$81.06
IPF865-20-6-955-065 + Antenna, Left$327.66
IPFQ31-30-6-781-547 + Stabilizer Link, Left$57.74
IPF933-21-2-282-116 + Axle Assembly, Right, Left$856.36
IPFK51-21-7-331-285 + Lock Cable, Right, Left$24.68
IPFD63-31-6-961-991 + Visor Lamp, Left$11.36
IPF351-21-2-147-112 + Handle, Outside, Right$56.82
IPFO61-31-9-217-344 + Window Switch, Left$178.40
IPF131-12-6-761-409 + Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Lower$272.11
IPFH61-31-9-217-326 + Window Switch, Left$178.40
IPFL33-30-6-760-347 + Differential Mount Bolt, Left Front, Left Rear, Right Front, Right Rear$6.50
IPF751-22-7-446-739 + Check Strap, Right, Left$61.96
IPFU51-43-6-955-183 + Upper Quarter Trim Cover, Right Upper, Left Upper$5.26
IPF551-22-7-446-731 + Check Strap, Left, Right$61.96
IPFT51-47-7-289-125 + Trunk Side Trim, Right Rear$130.47
IP6F18-10-1-436-532 + Intermediate Pipe, Front$489.64
IP6631-10-6-769-443 + Ft Lower Control Arm Nut, Left Lower, Left Rear, Right Lower, Right Rear$1.72
IP6S51-33-7-199-595 + Corner Molding, Left$17.16
IP6A07-12-9-908-068 + Ft Lower Control Arm Bolt, Right Lower, Left Lower$6.19
IP6P11-43-7-537-301 + Guide Tube, Lower$49.35
IP6B51-33-7-207-833 + Window Molding, Left$181.86
IP6Z51-41-7-273-047 + Door Trim Panel, Left$1,526.73
IP6I51-33-7-207-841 + Belt Weather-Strip, Left$176.01
IP6E63-21-7-207-499 + Tail Lamp Assembly Gasket, Left$18.91
IP6C41-62-7-210-667 + Hinge, Left$198.53
IP6431-12-6-756-696 + Ball Joint, Right, Right Lower$146.52
IP6241-00-7-428-086 + Apron Assembly, Right$403.84
IP6J51-33-7-207-831 + Applique Panel, Left$152.86
IP6051-16-8-183-103 + Panel, Front$578.06
IP6M61-13-8-375-988 + Distributor Strap, Left, Right$0.64
IP6G18-30-1-427-231 + Muffler, Rear$692.23
IP6V51-21-7-293-621 + Lock Cable, Left, Right$28.55
IP6X31-60-7-591-695 + Boot Kit, Right$75.79
IP6N61-31-9-347-456 + Seat Switch, Right$323.18
IP6R31-22-6-783-913 + Front Hub and Bearing, Left Front, Right Front$106.86
IP6W07-14-6-760-121 + Fuel Tank Nut, Right Lower, Left Lower$2.70
IP6Y51-24-2-586-906 + Lift Cylinder Stopper, Right$50.60
IP6841-11-7-132-754 + Cover Panel, Right$27.67
IP6Q22-11-6-779-979 + Mount Base, Left$188.99
IP6933-41-1-095-774 + Wheel Hub, Left, Right$115.52
IP6K51-71-0-392-891 + Rocker Molding, Left$299.01
IP6D51-41-7-008-525 + Kick Panel Trim Clip, Left Lower, Right Lower$2.61
IP6351-18-8-242-693 + License Bracket Nut, Upper$0.33
IP6O52-10-7-121-650 + Side Cover, Right$109.22
IP6131-12-1-141-717 + Ft Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Lower, Left Front$202.07
IP6H51-47-7-258-367 + Side Trim Panel, Left Rear$34.88
IP6L51-22-7-176-805 + Check Strap, Left Rear, Right Rear$66.63
IP6733-30-6-760-349 + Ft Lower Control Arm Nut, Left Inner, Left Outer, Left Front, Left Rear, Left Lower, Right Inner, Right Outer, Right Front, Right Rear, Right Lower$2.48
IP6U18-32-7-645-233 + Catalytic Converter, Left$1,220.56
IP6532-41-1-093-596 + Pressure Hose Seal, Upper, Rear, Lower$1.02
IP6T18-32-7-645-232 + Catalytic Converter, Right$1,220.56
IPSF33-52-6-786-525 + Shock Absorber, Right, Left$241.60
IPS613-71-7-571-982 + Air Cleaner Assembly Spacer, Left, Right$3.18
IPSS34-52-9-808-193 + ABS Sensor, Left Front, Right Front$109.20
IPSA52-10-9-166-910 + Seat Back Panel, Left Rear, Right Rear$153.36
IPSP41-61-7-210-669 + Hinge, Left$53.64
IPSB18-30-7-566-942 + Rear Muffler, Rear$695.09
IPSZ51-46-6-980-045 + Side Trim Panel, Left Front$51.90
IPSI07-11-9-904-511 + Splash Shield Bolt, Left, Right$0.62
IPSE11-13-1-742-109 + Oil Pan Gasket, Upper$38.87
IPSC51-33-7-352-231 + Seal, Left$17.20
IPS451-22-7-317-907 + Lower Seal, Left Lower$60.02
IPS251-21-2-752-595 + Lock Actuator, Left$190.88
IPSJ07-14-9-110-670 + Bumper Cover Screw, Right, Left$0.64
IPS051-46-6-960-330 + Side Trim Panel, Right Front$51.90
IPSM31-22-1-092-519 + Front Hub and Bearing, Right Front, Left Front$214.88
IPSG07-11-9-904-505 + Upper Tie Bar Bolt, Upper$1.13
IPSV07-11-9-904-574 + Seat Belt Assembly Upper Bolt, Left Upper, Right Upper$1.83
IPSX66-53-9-240-274 + Side Camera, Right, Left$565.14
IPSN54-34-7-177-317 + Covering, Left Outer$57.78
IPSR37-11-6-859-783 + Strut, Left$956.17
IPSW51-46-8-139-655 + Pkg Tray Trim, Rear$261.39
IPSY34-21-1-161-806 + Rotor Screw, Left, Right$1.07
IPS813-71-7-571-984 + Air Box, Right$66.37
IPSQ07-13-6-772-426 + Rotor Screw, Left, Right$2.36
IPS941-34-7-137-949 + Hinge and Bracket, Left$22.82
IPSK51-35-7-186-643 + Quarter Glass, Left$321.97
IPSD51-71-1-904-603 + Rear Seal, Right Front, Right Rear, Left Front, Left Rear$0.57
IPS352-10-7-309-394 + Cushion Cover, Left$875.24
IPSO54-34-7-194-445 + Gasket, Left$435.86
IPS141-21-7-182-715 + Quarter Panel, Left$2,168.50
IPSH22-11-6-776-669 + Engine Support, Left, Left Upper$105.07
IPSL22-31-6-776-525 + Rear Support, Rear$69.63
IPS713-71-7-571-983 + Air Box, Left$66.37
IPSU41-11-8-413-409 + Spacer Plate, Left$270.45
IPS541-21-7-182-727 + Center Pillar and Rocker, Left$5,193.22
IPST34-52-9-808-194 + ABS Sensor, Left Rear, Right Rear$109.20