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BMW Shock Absorber, Left, Right, part #33-52-1-135-888
  • Manufactured: BMW
  • Part number: 33-52-1-135-888
  • Part: Shock Absorber, Left, Right
  • Replaces: 33-52-1-133-182, 33-52-1-133-225, 33-52-1-133-231, 33-52-1-130-035, 33-52-1-131-085, 33-52-1-131-112, 33-52-1-128-130, 33-52-1-125-079, 33-52-1-125-156
  • Price: $174.28

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1988BMWM32.3L L4 - GasBase
1989BMWM32.3L L4 - GasBase
1990BMWM32.3L L4 - GasBase
1991BMWM32.3L L4 - GasBase
1987BMW325is2.5L L6 - GasBase
1988BMW325is2.5L L6 - GasBase
1989BMW325is2.5L L6 - GasBase
1990BMW325is2.5L L6 - GasBase
1991BMW325is2.5L L6 - GasBase
1988BMW325i2.5L L6 - GasBase
1989BMW325i2.5L L6 - GasBase
1990BMW325i2.5L L6 - GasBase
1991BMW325i2.5L L6 - GasBase
1987BMW325es2.7L L6 - GasBase
1987BMW325e2.7L L6 - GasBase
1986BMW3252.7L L6 - GasBase
1987BMW3252.7L L6 - GasBase
1988BMW3252.7L L6 - GasBase
1991BMW318is1.8L L4 - GasBase
1991BMW318i1.8L L4 - GasBase

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
GEFF37-14-6-781-061 + Level Sensor Bracket, Right$16.16
GEF631-20-6-879-169 + Knuckle, Left$415.20
GEFS51-42-7-078-833 + Door Trim Panel, Left$1,253.04
GEFA41-21-7-184-973 + Axle Support, Right, Left$32.46
GEFP64-50-9-195-802 + Front Press Hose, Front$130.74
GEFB31-35-1-130-075 + Link, Right, Left$57.26
GEFZ51-37-7-119-097 + Belt Molding, Left$169.69
GEFI33-30-6-760-592 + Ft Upper Control Arm Washer, Left Upper, Right Upper$3.34
GEFE54-10-7-198-134 + Boot, Left$20.83
GEFC63-21-7-160-779 + Bulb, Left, Right$7.13
GEF451-43-8-168-009 + Quarter Trim, Left$236.34
GEF252-20-7-413-894 + Seat Back Cover, Rear$728.01
GEFJ51-42-7-078-741 + Door Trim Panel, Left$1,253.04
GEF041-00-7-427-484 + Reinforced Panel, Right$1,693.82
GEFM11-42-2-246-091 + Oil Outlet Tube Gasket, Upper$1.10
GEFG52-20-7-249-447 + Lower Cover, Lower$1,842.72
GEFV51-43-7-056-395 + Ring, Left Inner$3.09
GEFX31-35-1-091-764 + Stabilizer Link, Left, Right$37.93
GEFN33-41-6-762-317 + Bearing, Right Rear, Left Rear$88.23
GEFR51-33-7-184-383 + Window Regulator, Left$222.36
GEFW07-14-9-185-673 + Side Trim Panel Screw, Right Upper, Right Front, Right Lower, Left Upper, Left Front, Left Lower$0.54
GEFY22-11-1-094-835 + Engine Support, Left$234.41
GEF831-20-6-879-172 + Knuckle, Right$479.02
GEFQ51-13-7-157-702 + Roof Molding Fastener, Left, Right$3.03
GEF941-14-2-232-541 + Rear Side Rail Bracket, Left Rear$73.46
GEFK33-30-6-760-591 + Ft Upper Control Arm Bolt, Right Upper, Left Upper$5.15
GEFD33-53-6-870-723 + Bearing Support Gasket, Left, Right$2.92
GEF351-23-7-008-756 + Striker, Right, Left$19.50
GEFO61-13-1-367-599 + Water Pump Strap, Lower$0.61
GEF152-20-7-413-893 + Seat Back Cover, Rear$485.34
GEFH18-20-7-562-124 + Converter and Pipe Front Support, Front$39.96
GEFL52-20-7-317-284 + Seat Back Cover, Right Rear$1,314.16
GEF761-61-7-171-639 + Wiper Arm, Left, Left Front$54.87
GEFU51-41-7-070-611 + Door Trim Panel, Left$546.54
GEF561-12-9-292-885 + Positive Cable, Front$459.20
GEFT51-43-7-056-389 + Ring, Left Outer$5.29
GE6F51-37-7-190-877 + Belt Molding, Left$163.98
GE6663-12-7-358-361 + Composite Headlamp, Left$3,109.75
GE6S31-10-3-443-127 + Ft Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Lower$134.73
GE6A63-11-7-287-018 + Composite Headlamp, Right$1,602.29
GE6P31-21-1-130-125 + Grease Cap, Right, Left$3.04
GE6B33-52-6-863-901 + Shock Absorber, Right, Left$261.70
GE6Z34-10-6-879-122 + Rotor, Right, Left$126.53
GE6I52-10-8-207-403 + Seat Track, Left$687.99
GE6E31-31-6-764-599 + Strut, Left$390.97
GE6C51-77-7-171-004 + Wheel Flare Rivet, Left Lower, Right Lower$0.71
GE6461-12-9-217-004 + Positive Cable, Rear$229.94
GE6231-33-6-789-202 + Strut Bumper, Right, Left$21.36
GE6J34-30-6-788-442 + Brake Hose, Right, Left$38.70
GE6017-11-7-583-119 + Mount Bracket, Left, Right$54.62
GE6M17-12-7-639-213 + Lower Hose, Lower$74.95
GE6G34-30-6-853-743 + Brake Hose, Right, Left$41.51
GE6V07-11-9-905-337 + Tail Lamp Bulb, Right Rear, Left Rear$3.80
GE6X51-16-6-951-150 + Rear Trim, Rear$252.37
GE6N52-10-8-207-408 + Seat Cushion Pad, Left Lower, Right Lower$240.26
GE6R31-10-3-438-623 + Lower Ball Joint, Left Lower, Right Lower$70.33
GE6W07-11-9-905-336 + Bulb, Left Inner, Left Rear, Right Inner, Right Rear$3.80
GE6Y07-14-9-146-435 + Adjust Plate Bolt, Right, Left$2.25
GE6851-31-8-152-799 + Back Glass, Rear$830.77
GE6Q31-33-6-752-735 + Guide Support, Left, Right$100.31
GE6941-51-1-959-002 + Door Shell, Right$891.09
GE6K34-30-6-788-443 + Brake Hose, Left, Right$37.65
GE6D51-37-7-165-001 + Belt Molding, Left$238.85
GE6307-11-9-905-358 + Marker Lamp Bulb, Left Rear, Right Rear$3.43
GE6O51-43-1-960-987 + Sound Absorber, Left$63.16
GE6117-11-7-583-120 + Mount Bracket, Right$44.46
GE6H34-30-6-853-744 + Brake Hose, Left, Right$55.18
GE6L34-21-1-162-536 + Rear Pads, Rear$84.15
GE6733-00-6-867-806 + Hub, Left, Right$128.36
GE6U11-53-1-708-499 + Upper Hose, Upper$44.45
GE6507-11-9-905-374 + Guide Support Lock Nut, Left Outer, Left Upper, Right Outer, Right Upper$0.68
GE6T07-11-9-905-329 + Signal Lamp Bulb, Left, Right$18.80
GESF41-11-7-171-459 + Apron Assembly, Left$893.22
GES651-35-7-260-537 + Belt Molding, Left$71.46
GESS41-51-7-202-047 + Hinge Shim, Right Lower, Right Upper, Left Lower, Left Upper$4.07
GESA61-12-9-292-883 + Positive Cable, Front$459.20
GESP51-48-7-461-347 + Sound Absorber, Left$48.50
GESB61-12-9-255-047 + Negative Cable, Right$44.54
GESZ63-31-6-962-014 + Lamp, Right, Left$17.53
GESI41-11-7-171-463 + Wheelhouse Assembly, Left$705.18
GESE17-12-7-609-532 + Coolant Hose, Lower$88.00
GESC31-33-6-759-452 + Spring Retainer, Left Upper, Right Upper$14.56
GES431-10-6-868-038 + Suspension Cross-Member Mount Bolt, Right Front, Right Lower, Left Front, Left Lower$4.98
GES241-00-7-184-918 + Apron Assembly Bracket, Right$11.86
GESJ41-11-7-171-466 + Front Section, Right Front$168.24
GES041-00-7-184-917 + Apron Assembly Bracket, Left$13.91
GESM41-21-7-264-005 + Inner Rocker, Left Inner$139.21
GESG41-11-7-171-461 + Side Member Assembly, Left$395.98
GESV34-52-6-781-557 + ABS Sensor Bracket, Left$13.43
GESX63-31-6-962-009 + Courtesy Lamp, Right, Left$18.94
GESN41-21-7-264-006 + Inner Rocker, Right Inner$138.70
GESR64-11-9-297-729 + Cover Extension, Right$25.13
GESW11-14-8-576-339 + Timing Cover Plug, Lower$16.83
GESY63-31-6-962-011 + Lamp, Left, Right$17.53
GES831-30-6-795-081 + Guide Support, Right, Left$100.31
GESQ61-66-7-410-756 + Washer Nozzle, Left, Right$43.31
GES931-30-6-795-082 + Guide Support, Right, Left$100.31
GESK34-21-6-864-900 + Rotor, Left, Right$109.02
GESD07-14-7-079-382 + Fender Rear Bolt, Left Rear, Right Rear$3.57
GES341-51-7-200-225 + Lower Hinge, Left Lower$59.00
GESO51-20-3-449-077 + Carrier, Left$121.61
GES132-30-1-094-716 + Tank Strap Bolt, Right, Left$1.41
GESH67-63-6-932-013 + Wiper Motor, Rear$183.38
GESL34-21-6-864-899 + Rotor, Right, Left$109.02
GES751-35-7-260-541 + Belt Molding, Left$71.46
GESU11-11-8-618-864 + Vibration Damper Oil Seal, Front$35.74
GES563-31-6-962-035 + Courtesy Lamp, Right, Left$14.90
GEST52-20-7-262-810 + Latch Cover, Left, Right$16.66