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BMW Composite Assembly, Right, part #63-12-6-933-838
  • Manufactured: BMW
  • Part number: 63-12-6-933-838
  • Part: Composite Assembly, Right
  • Replaces: 63-12-6-922-100, 63-12-6-911-718, 63-12-6-928-504
  • Price: $749.75

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2002MiniCooper1.6L L4 - GasBase, S
2003MiniCooper1.6L L4 - GasBase, S
2004MiniCooper1.6L L4 - GasBase, S

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FGFF51-16-9-202-267 + Holder, Front$36.79
FGF637-10-6-877-559 + Strut, Left$1,203.72
FGFS33-32-6-768-900 + Ft Upper Control Arm Nut, Left Upper, Right Upper$1.07
FGFA61-31-9-265-266 + Switch Assembly, Right$307.01
FGFP51-45-9-183-352 + Storage Box, Lower$4,233.28
FGFB66-20-6-989-069 + Sensor, Front$157.31
FGFZ51-43-7-224-405 + Lower Quarter Trim, Left Lower$363.21
FGFI07-11-9-908-569 + Stabilizer Bar Bolt, Right, Left$1.96
FGFE52-20-7-146-198 + Seat Cover, Right$1,103.52
FGFC17-12-7-646-150 + Upper Hose, Upper$65.19
FGF452-10-7-257-216 + Headrest, Left, Right$288.18
FGF237-10-6-877-553 + Strut, Left$1,094.28
FGFJ51-76-7-208-583 + Upper Weather-Strip, Left Upper$32.96
FGF041-00-7-389-466 + Fender Center Bracket, Right, Left$26.55
FGFM51-21-9-803-705 + Handle, Outside, Left$77.92
FGFG07-11-9-902-913 + Blower Bolt, Lower$0.65
FGFV32-10-3-444-999 + Tie Rod Assembly, Left, Right$188.47
FGFX65-77-9-152-262 + Ft Impact Sensor, Left Front, Right Front$99.00
FGFN17-11-7-645-650 + Upper Support, Upper$40.15
FGFR64-53-9-155-346 + Rear Press Hose, Rear$201.36
FGFW34-11-6-864-057 + Rotor, Left, Right$143.17
FGFY61-31-6-966-669 + Lower Column Cover, Lower$116.97
FGF852-10-7-257-223 + Headrest, Left$345.80
FGFQ32-13-1-094-100 + Boot Clamp, Outer$2.84
FGF961-31-9-361-936 + Window Switch, Right, Left$46.93
FGFK52-20-7-146-210 + Seat Back Cover, Right Rear$1,158.65
FGFD31-30-6-781-541 + Stabilizer Link, Left$57.74
FGF352-10-7-257-215 + Headrest, Left, Right$288.18
FGFO31-35-6-773-512 + Stabilizer Bar Bushing, Right, Left$22.01
FGF152-10-7-257-214 + Headrest, Left, Right$288.18
FGFH31-21-6-865-143 + Knuckle, Left$320.20
FGFL51-76-7-208-591 + Gasket, Left$98.80
FGF752-10-7-257-222 + Headrest, Left$345.80
FGFU65-13-9-218-698 + Woofer, Left, Right$226.32
FGF551-16-3-448-165 + Mirror Assembly, Left$603.18
FGFT65-13-9-218-695 + Speaker Box, Right, Left$260.26
FG6F51-72-7-116-403 + Opening Trim, Left Front, Right Front$135.83
FG6633-55-1-124-375 + Stabilizer Link, Left, Right$37.83
FG6S51-11-7-317-264 + Upper Grille, Upper$114.71
FG6A51-16-9-213-517 + Side Panel, Left Front, Left Lower, Left Rear$64.44
FG6P61-14-9-177-111 + Cable Upper Cover, Upper$13.43
FG6B07-14-9-158-177 + Seat Belt Guide Screw, Right, Left$0.61
FG6Z61-31-9-227-855 + Switch, Left Rear, Left, Right, Right Rear$50.19
FG6I32-30-6-756-514 + Lower Cover, Lower$180.28
FG6E32-41-6-781-261 + Pressure Hose Bolt, Upper$7.96
FG6C51-21-7-197-323 + Handle, Outside, Left$162.33
FG6433-41-1-090-505 + Bearing, Left Rear, Right Rear$102.90
FG6234-35-6-860-181 + Wear Indicator, Right, Left$28.12
FG6J51-13-7-250-391 + Roof Molding, Left Upper$99.31
FG6051-44-2-756-577 + Insulator, Front$16.15
FG6M51-71-1-934-930 + Wheelhouse Liner Nut, Right, Left$0.33
FG6G51-72-7-116-405 + Opening Trim, Left Rear, Right Rear$81.75
FG6V51-41-9-152-701 + Door Trim Panel, Left$1,087.96
FG6X17-11-2-284-277 + Auxiliary Radiator, Left$347.81
FG6N41-51-7-355-803 + Door Shell, Left$901.06
FG6R07-12-9-904-048 + Support Brace Nut, Right, Left$2.31
FG6W31-30-6-774-699 + Strut Bumper, Right, Left$26.50
FG6Y17-11-2-284-278 + Auxiliary Radiator, Right$347.81
FG6841-12-7-427-817 + Wheelhouse, Left Outer, Left Inner$508.18
FG6Q41-00-7-410-855 + Outer Wheelhouse, Left Outer$183.30
FG6931-12-2-409-599 + Front Control Arm, Right, Left Front$110.26
FG6K51-49-7-345-225 + Side Trim Panel, Left$46.50
FG6D33-21-7-571-990 + Axle Assembly Bolt, Left, Right$2.00
FG6363-31-7-181-313 + Led Unit, Left$48.30
FG6O41-52-7-046-051 + Upper Hinge, Left Upper$42.07
FG6141-11-7-376-619 + Uniside Assembly Support Bracket, Left Upper$124.59
FG6H51-49-7-345-215 + Upper Trim, Upper$64.99
FG6L41-31-7-174-887 + Front Bracket, Right Front, Left Front$3.09
FG6707-14-9-126-885 + Fog Lamp Assembly Screw, Left, Right$0.75
FG6U63-13-7-166-014 + Repeater Lamp, Right, Left$45.53
FG6551-22-7-203-561 + Hinge Spacer, Right Upper, Right Lower, Left Upper, Left Lower$19.83
FG6T51-21-8-397-103 + Lock, Left$752.22
FGSF51-45-9-173-469 + Cup Holder, Right$129.96
FGS651-75-8-042-976 + Front Deflector, Front$236.41
FGSS63-21-7-160-806 + Hid Bulb, Right, Left$165.56
FGSA51-46-8-174-977 + Speaker Grille, Left$63.89
FGSP34-10-6-772-427 + Splash Shield Screw, Left, Right$0.50
FGSB13-71-7-580-637 + Air Cleaner Assembly, Left$513.88
FGSZ51-16-8-238-029 + Console Panel, Front$977.42
FGSI61-67-7-173-851 + Washer Nozzle, Left$107.45
FGSE33-50-6-781-539 + Stabilizer Link, Right, Left$56.62
FGSC22-11-6-876-214 + Engine Bracket, Right$105.07
FGS451-16-7-266-027 + Mount Ring, Left$39.60
FGS261-31-6-951-904 + Switch Assembly, Left$178.40
FGSJ61-67-7-308-525 + Washer Nozzle, Left$107.45
FGS041-14-8-135-355 + Wheelhouse Bracket, Left, Right$11.85
FGSM33-52-1-095-913 + Shock Absorber, Right, Left$145.48
FGSG66-53-9-291-385 + Control Module, Rear$764.23
FGSV65-13-9-211-047 + Rear Speaker, Right Rear, Left Rear$181.38
FGSX07-11-9-906-672 + Mount Strap Bolt, Right, Left$1.65
FGSN51-47-7-344-569 + Front Cover, Left Front$30.93
FGSR51-16-7-121-738 + Compartment Box, Lower$29.96
FGSW65-13-9-211-048 + Rear Speaker, Left Rear$189.62
FGSY51-21-7-175-650 + Carrier, Right$120.57
FGS851-76-4-821-205 + Lower Seal Strip, Left Lower$55.56
FGSQ63-11-7-355-551 + Composite Headlamp, Left$574.75
FGS951-16-7-266-035 + Lower Cover, Left Lower$28.60
FGSK51-47-7-344-557 + Rear Cover, Left Rear$35.16
FGSD51-45-9-173-463 + Cup Holder, Left$74.29
FGS351-11-7-898-133 + Energy Absorber, Left$37.15
FGSO72-11-9-809-949 + Buckle End, Left$129.45
FGS151-21-7-187-228 + Carrier Assembly, Right$120.57
FGSH51-13-7-133-845 + Upper Trim, Upper$59.60
FGSL51-47-7-344-563 + Rear Cover, Left Rear$36.84
FGS751-16-7-266-031 + Mount Ring, Left$79.46
FGSU33-55-6-780-707 + Bracket, Right, Left$8.37
FGS551-21-7-034-467 + Lock Cable, Left, Right$26.27
FGST11-14-1-432-232 + Timing Cover, Upper, Front$590.48