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BMW Extension Pipe, Rear, part #32-41-6-784-407
  • Manufactured: BMW
  • Part number: 32-41-6-784-407
  • Part: Extension Pipe, Rear
  • Replaces: 32-41-6-772-339, 32-41-6-780-988
  • Price: $253.52

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2007BMWX54.8L V8 - Gas4.8i
2008BMWX54.8L V8 - Gas4.8i
2009BMWX54.8L V8 - GasxDrive48i
2010BMWX54.8L V8 - GasxDrive48i

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
F1FF33-32-6-865-897 + Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Lower$682.82
F1F672-12-7-239-615 + Ft Seat Air Bag, Left$310.92
F1FS51-21-7-312-545 + Striker, Right, Left$44.18
F1FA51-33-7-401-151 + Frame Cover, Left$128.42
F1FP07-11-9-905-199 + Windshield Pillar Trim Screw, Right Upper, Left Upper$1.18
F1FB51-64-7-247-665 + Mount Bracket, Left$6.89
F1FZ07-14-9-112-637 + Upper Quarter Trim Screw, Right Upper, Left Upper$1.38
F1FI18-20-7-585-349 + Center Pipe Bracket, Right, Left$50.11
F1FE51-11-7-165-179 + Side Support, Left$35.96
F1FC07-11-9-905-807 + Mount Bracket Screw, Left Upper, Right Upper$6.29
F1F434-21-6-761-238 + Brake Pads, Rear$84.15
F1F251-45-6-822-059 + Trim Panel, Left$54.26
F1FJ71-23-6-927-746 + Label, Front$25.62
F1F022-11-6-859-845 + Engine Support, Left$122.68
F1FM16-12-1-180-242 + Boot Clamp, Outer$1.96
F1FG18-20-7-585-348 + Center Muffler Bracket, Left Rear$50.11
F1FV31-30-6-852-167 + Guide Support, Left, Right$173.23
F1FX63-21-7-166-959 + Tail Lamp Assembly, Left$102.93
F1FN11-62-7-503-673 + Exhaust Manifold, Front$1,085.00
F1FR51-16-7-268-261 + Mirror Assembly, Left$304.65
F1FW63-12-7-165-903 + Composite Headlamp, Left$434.99
F1FY41-35-7-438-441 + Fender, Left$371.65
F1F866-53-9-393-952 + Control Module, Rear, Front$764.23
F1FQ41-11-7-382-230 + Cross-Member, Upper$546.03
F1F917-11-7-639-071 + Upper Support, Upper$40.15
F1FK41-14-8-413-444 + Wheelhouse Assembly, Right$356.72
F1FD52-10-7-058-008 + Outer Cover, Right Outer, Left Outer$67.61
F1F363-12-6-933-363 + Socket, Right, Left$36.42
F1FO11-62-7-503-675 + Exhaust Manifold, Rear$1,085.00
F1F164-11-9-290-823 + Upper Housing, Upper$146.06
F1FH41-22-8-110-491 + Drip Rail, Left Rear$13.24
F1FL52-10-8-267-855 + Rear Panel, Rear$708.81
F1F731-33-6-780-245 + Upper Seat Plate, Left Upper, Right Upper$10.70
F1FU22-11-6-796-548 + Front Mount, Right, Right Front$122.68
F1F566-53-9-393-953 + Control Module, Rear$764.23
F1FT22-11-6-796-547 + Front Mount, Left, Left Front$122.68
F16F34-11-1-165-559 + Caliper, Left$313.29
F16664-11-3-452-081 + Seat Heat Switch, Right$53.36
F16S61-14-9-138-830 + Fuse Box, Rear$157.56
F16A33-32-6-792-553 + Lower Control Arm Bushing, Left Lower, Right Lower$58.59
F16P33-21-7-572-441 + Outer Boot, Left Outer, Right Outer$133.98
F16B31-32-1-133-563 + Shock Insert, Left, Right$197.34
F16Z41-00-3-449-741 + Uniside Assembly, Left$7,423.50
F16I34-52-6-869-322 + ABS Sensor, Left Rear, Right Rear$113.39
F16E52-10-7-253-769 + Rear Cover, Left Rear$90.93
F16C52-10-7-114-119 + Support Plate, Left Front, Right Front$32.74
F16416-11-1-182-454 + Fuel Tank Strap Grommet, Right, Left$2.48
F16218-30-7-847-221 + Center Muffler, Right, Left$786.65
F16J34-10-6-790-921 + Caliper, Left$364.26
F16062-11-8-363-173 + Printed Circuit Board, Rear$2,536.47
F16M33-21-7-572-448 + Boot Kit, Right Outer, Right Inner, Left Outer, Left Inner$133.98
F16G34-11-6-758-113 + Caliper, Left$364.26
F16V41-00-7-193-040 + Strut Mount, Left, Right$16.84
F16X41-00-3-449-745 + Inner Panel, Left Inner$11,342.24
F16N33-21-7-572-442 + Inner Boot, Left Inner, Right Inner$115.41
F16R84-43-8-381-529 + CD Player Bracket, Inner$27.77
F16W32-30-6-850-540 + Inner Cover, Inner$108.78
F16Y51-42-7-217-621 + Door Trim Panel, Left$786.93
F16851-44-7-369-839 + Sill Molding, Left$233.64
F16Q51-16-7-131-343 + Mirror Assembly, Left$553.76
F16952-20-7-043-173 + Lock Bracket Cover, Left$44.68
F16K51-47-8-267-967 + Rear Trim, Left, Left Rear$46.42
F16D07-12-9-901-130 + Cover Bolt, Left$0.79
F16332-31-1-158-686 + Bearings, Lower, Upper$37.24
F16O33-30-6-857-795 + Suspension Cross-Member Bracket, Left$110.91
F16166-20-9-252-638 + Control Module, Rear$436.69
F16H34-52-6-869-320 + ABS Sensor, Left Front, Right Front$105.01
F16L33-21-7-572-449 + Boot Kit, Right Inner, Right Outer, Left Inner, Left Outer$115.41
F16752-10-7-242-070 + Adjuster, Left Front, Right Front$300.39
F16U31-22-6-867-810 + Front Hub and Bearing, Left Front, Right Front$350.60
F16552-10-7-063-367 + Headrest, Left, Right$170.12
F16T31-22-6-867-809 + Front Hub and Bearing, Right Front, Left Front$282.73
F1SF16-11-1-180-449 + Fuel Tank Mount Strap, Left Outer$65.42
F1S634-35-6-789-445 + Wear Indicator, Rear$25.69
F1SS41-00-7-286-319 + Reinforce Bar, Left$87.30
F1SA52-20-7-076-381 + Seat Back Panel, Left Rear$58.51
F1SP31-22-6-867-808 + Front Hub and Bearing, Left Front, Right Front$350.60
F1SB41-00-7-376-609 + Outer Panel, Left Outer$105.96
F1SZ31-30-6-851-799 + Guide Support Screw, Left, Right$2.97
F1SI52-10-7-246-835 + Panel Cover, Left$120.38
F1SE51-16-7-379-515 + Sun-Visor, Left$162.89
F1SC64-11-9-355-981 + Control Module, Front$130.70
F1S434-35-6-789-440 + Wear Indicator, Left Front, Right Front$22.01
F1S234-35-6-789-439 + Wear Indicator, Right Front, Left Front$22.01
F1SJ11-14-1-725-756 + Timing Cover Gasket, Lower, Inner, Left$15.96
F1S034-41-0-038-346 + Brake Shoes Repair Kit, Right, Left$25.32
F1SM61-31-9-241-915 + Switch Panel, Left$187.79
F1SG07-14-9-158-194 + Trim Molding Clip, Left, Right$0.99
F1SV11-12-1-725-002 + Valve Cover Gasket, Right$41.23
F1SX31-30-6-868-240 + Strut Mount Gasket, Right, Left$10.32
F1SN51-47-1-923-981 + Rear Panel Trim, Lower, Rear$124.17
F1SR51-24-7-201-462 + Lift Cylinder, Right$79.86
F1SW51-32-8-201-065 + Cover, Left Inner$29.65
F1SY16-14-6-765-122 + Sending Unit, Left$161.65
F1S807-14-9-148-310 + Seat Belt Assembly Bolt, Left, Right$1.54
F1SQ71-23-6-987-936 + Info Label, Front$17.47
F1S941-52-8-185-429 + Door Shell, Left$493.90
F1SK61-31-9-241-903 + Window Switch, Left$187.79
F1SD72-11-8-261-280 + Seat Belt Assembly, Right$219.06
F1S351-72-3-449-348 + Surround Weather-Strip, Left, Right$51.23
F1SO11-14-1-710-248 + Timing Cover Gasket, Lower, Outer, Inner, Right, Front$1.72
F1S131-32-1-128-988 + Strut Cartridge, Right, Left$218.08
F1SH51-77-7-245-741 + Step Pad, Left$208.69
F1SL52-10-6-982-919 + Seat Back Frame, Left Rear, Right Rear$113.63
F1S707-14-6-986-927 + Center Bracket Screw, Right, Left$1.75
F1SU54-31-8-100-908 + Weatherstrip, Front$273.89
F1S534-35-6-789-441 + Wear Indicator, Right Front, Left Front$22.01
F1ST51-76-7-372-775 + Surround Weather-Strip, Left$100.59