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Here you will find information about E8 - Luggage Compartment, Left Rear. Each part in online catalog has a unique oem parts number.

BMW Luggage Compartment, Left Rear, part #51-47-3-454-821
  • Manufactured: BMW
  • Part number: 51-47-3-454-821
  • Part: Luggage Compartment, Left Rear
  • Replaces: 51-47-3-428-943, 51-47-3-451-093, 51-47-7-049-034
  • Price: $122.65

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2004BMWX32.5L L6 - Gas, 3.0L L6 - Gas2.5i, 3.0i
2005BMWX32.5L L6 - Gas, 3.0L L6 - Gas2.5i, 3.0i
2006BMWX33.0L L6 - Gas3.0i
2007BMWX33.0L L6 - Gas3.0si
2008BMWX33.0L L6 - Gas3.0si
2009BMWX33.0L L6 - GasxDrive30i
2010BMWX33.0L L6 - GasxDrive30i

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
E8ZF51-23-2-753-419 + Lock, Right, Left$32.71
E8Z641-11-7-179-665 + Front Bracket, Left Front, Right Front$12.47
E8ZS61-13-1-391-721 + Front Duct Clamp, Front$2.10
E8ZA34-35-6-789-505 + Wear Indicator, Left Rear, Right Rear$24.45
E8ZP34-11-7-852-119 + Caliper, Left$978.49
E8ZB33-52-6-853-964 + Strut, Left, Right$112.62
E8ZZ51-43-8-411-525 + Front Panel, Left Upper, Left Front$109.72
E8ZI41-52-8-135-507 + Hinge, Left Lower$31.75
E8ZE51-35-7-220-198 + Reveal Molding, Right$239.86
E8ZC34-32-6-766-966 + Brake Hose, Left, Right$47.48
E8Z451-21-7-394-436 + Striker, Right, Left$18.57
E8Z251-22-8-219-023 + Bezel, Left$3.59
E8ZJ41-00-7-420-783 + Hinge, Left$55.50
E8Z051-43-8-411-526 + Front Panel, Right Upper, Right Front$109.72
E8ZM63-21-7-183-844 + Socket Panel, Right$19.79
E8ZG61-61-7-208-691 + Wiper Arm, Left$138.48
E8ZV51-43-8-407-143 + Trim Cover, Left, Right$10.09
E8ZX31-10-6-760-122 + Impact Bar Bolt, Left, Right$2.25
E8ZN34-10-6-765-880 + Carrier Assembly, Left, Right$200.37
E8ZR51-71-0-021-452 + Rear Spoiler, Rear$200.71
E8ZW11-14-2-249-533 + Main Seal, Rear, Front$35.74
E8ZY51-31-7-155-304 + Upper Molding, Upper$22.82
E8Z851-73-8-197-504 + Front Hose, Right Front, Left Front$5.09
E8ZQ33-30-6-760-598 + Lower Control Arm Bolt, Left Inner, Left Front, Left Lower, Right Inner, Right Front, Right Lower$14.86
E8Z951-43-8-407-208 + Front Panel, Right Lower, Right Front$109.72
E8ZK63-21-7-183-841 + Socket Panel, Left$19.79
E8ZD51-35-7-220-191 + Belt Molding, Left$223.99
E8Z351-33-7-289-259 + Belt Weather-Strip, Left$133.61
E8ZO51-22-1-959-607 + Lock, Left$401.65
E8Z137-14-6-870-200 + Sensor, Rear, Front$93.68
E8ZH61-61-7-208-692 + Wiper Arm, Right$194.81
E8ZL31-31-6-785-529 + Strut, Left$1,030.53
E8Z751-43-8-407-207 + Front Panel, Left Lower, Left Front$93.71
E8ZU17-11-7-590-119 + Radiator Bracket Upper Bracket, Left Upper, Right Upper$7.47
E8Z551-71-7-159-199 + Lateral Rod, Left$102.85
E8ZT64-11-6-934-390 + Control Module, Front, Rear$169.63
E8IF17-11-7-625-981 + Lower Support, Lower$145.27
E8I641-11-1-919-959 + Inner Rocker, Left Inner$208.58
E8IS33-53-6-785-864 + Coil Spring, Left, Right$137.96
E8IA52-20-7-266-125 + Cushion Cover, Left$472.50
E8IP51-35-7-377-415 + Surround Weather-Strip, Left, Right$102.87
E8IB52-20-7-266-126 + Cushion Cover, Right$472.50
E8IZ51-41-9-154-459 + Door Trim Panel, Left$2,354.26
E8II51-76-7-300-561 + Lower Seal, Left Lower$12.56
E8IE31-21-6-855-953 + Knuckle, Left$368.97
E8IC41-11-7-070-655 + Dash Panel Reinforcement, Left$61.22
E8I433-32-2-347-991 + Rear Upper Control Arm, Left, Left Rear, Left Upper$290.32
E8I241-35-1-936-505 + Outer Rocker, Left Outer$82.00
E8IJ07-11-9-907-882 + Upper Control Arm Bolt, Left Upper, Right Upper$3.00
E8I034-11-6-757-747 + Rotor, Left, Right$144.21
E8IM41-00-7-203-647 + Door Shell, Left$728.18
E8IG31-12-2-228-461 + Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Lower$272.85
E8IV41-21-7-174-353 + Quarter Panel, Left$1,839.42
E8IX63-11-7-316-213 + Control Module, Right, Left$487.84
E8IN31-60-7-545-126 + Axle Assembly, Right$968.09
E8IR63-17-8-360-945 + Lens and Housing, Left$361.52
E8IW51-48-1-915-964 + Spoiler Rivet, Left, Right$0.39
E8IY33-30-6-779-486 + Suspension Cross-Member Stopper, Right Lower, Left Lower$43.11
E8I818-10-1-439-826 + Muffler, Rear$719.93
E8IQ63-17-1-390-883 + Fog Lamp Assembly, Left$205.30
E8I951-37-9-810-475 + Belt Molding, Left, Right$30.35
E8IK52-10-7-162-150 + Seat Cushion Pad, Left, Right$142.38
E8ID52-20-7-266-145 + Seat Back Cover, Left Rear$744.21
E8I337-11-6-794-535 + Strut, Left$927.51
E8IO52-10-9-180-206 + Insert, Right, Left$69.41
E8I151-21-7-003-125 + Handle, Outside Bolt, Right, Left$2.90
E8IH17-12-7-593-490 + Hose, Lower, Upper$74.95
E8IL07-11-9-907-925 + Lower Bracket Screw, Lower$1.24
E8I741-52-7-200-227 + Upper Hinge, Left Upper$59.00
E8IU51-16-8-251-275 + Shift Panel, Front$229.77
E8I552-20-7-054-025 + Seat Back Frame, Left Rear$517.01
E8IT72-11-8-233-291 + Lap Belt, Left Outer$78.46
E8EF51-76-7-237-487 + Lower Weather-Strip, Lower$82.55
E8E631-20-6-867-260 + Hub and Bearing, Left Front, Right Front$286.87
E8ES34-52-3-420-330 + Speed Sensor, Right Front, Left Front$119.01
E8EA83-19-0-000-537 + Tail Lamp Assembly Gasket, Right, Left$55.25
E8EP34-21-6-857-982 + Splash Shield, Right, Left$47.58
E8EB51-12-7-428-731 + Outer Support, Left Outer$35.38
E8EZ51-41-2-757-093 + Armrest Base Screw, Right, Left$2.30
E8EI33-50-6-779-488 + Strut Bolt, Left Lower, Right Lower$9.95
E8EE33-52-6-874-369 + Shock Absorber, Right, Left$158.14
E8EC51-16-8-052-643 + Mirror Assembly, Left$648.74
E8E434-10-3-451-068 + Splash Shield Bolt, Left, Right$2.55
E8E241-21-7-111-319 + Quarter Panel, Left$1,057.66
E8EJ51-13-7-424-554 + Belt Molding, Right Rear$128.92
E8E018-30-2-758-286 + Rear Muffler Mount Bracket, Right Rear, Left Rear$56.79
E8EM33-13-1-206-453 + Bearing, Right Outer, Left Outer$69.75
E8EG37-10-6-869-955 + Stabilizer Bar Bracket, Right, Left$16.69
E8EV07-14-7-031-946 + Hinge Bolt, Right, Left$2.98
E8EX51-47-2-759-603 + Upper Trim Panel, Upper$393.57
E8EN51-16-1-941-830 + Front Section, Front$263.30
E8ER13-71-7-600-026 + Air Duct, Right$729.19
E8EW63-11-7-295-737 + Guide Bracket, Left$40.35
E8EY61-12-8-375-423 + Wire Harness, Right, Left$111.38
E8E834-11-6-864-059 + Rotor, Right, Left$95.45
E8EQ64-31-3-450-924 + Filter Housing, Upper$438.71
E8E937-14-6-780-641 + Level Sensor Rear Bracket, Left Rear$13.34
E8EK51-16-7-147-172 + Lower Console, Lower$59.40
E8ED11-62-1-708-966 + Manifold Gasket, Right, Left$7.67
E8E341-21-7-111-320 + Quarter Panel, Right$1,057.66
E8EO34-21-6-857-981 + Splash Shield, Right, Left$47.58
E8E151-47-9-149-454 + Support Bracket, Right Rear, Right, Left, Left Rear$47.10
E8EH37-10-6-869-956 + Bracket, Right Lower, Right Upper, Left Lower, Left Upper$16.78
E8EL52-10-7-075-071 + Release Handle, Left Inner$21.78
E8E752-10-2-280-397 + Outer Cover, Left Outer$368.72
E8EU61-34-6-977-678 + Lighter Socket, Front$32.79
E8E534-52-1-164-370 + Rear Speed Sensor, Left Rear, Right Rear$148.78
E8ET34-52-3-420-331 + ABS Sensor, Left Rear, Right Rear$114.62