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BMW Lower Hose, Lower, part #17-12-7-639-213
  • Manufactured: BMW
  • Part number: 17-12-7-639-213
  • Part: Lower Hose, Lower
  • Replaces: 17-12-7-601-856, 17-12-7-646-156
  • Price: $74.95

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2015BMWX42.0L L4 - GasxDrive28i
2016BMWX42.0L L4 - GasxDrive28i
2013BMWX32.0L L4 - GasxDrive28i
2014BMWX32.0L L4 - GasxDrive28i
2015BMWX32.0L L4 - GassDrive28i, xDrive28i
2016BMWX32.0L L4 - GassDrive28i, xDrive28i

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
CUFF51-71-8-151-561 + Fender Liner, Left Rear$64.91
CUF607-11-9-905-952 + Rear Bracket Mount Bolt, Rear$1.71
CUFS41-00-1-974-986 + Hinge Pillar, Right$371.84
CUFA33-52-1-135-888 + Shock Absorber, Left, Right$174.28
CUFP34-52-7-853-583 + Front Speed Sensor, Left Front, Right Front$131.03
CUFB41-34-8-202-586 + Tail Lamp Pocket, Right$25.54
CUFZ52-10-2-751-384 + Headrest Guide, Left, Right$31.80
CUFI51-43-7-139-076 + Scuff Plate, Right$57.69
CUFE34-21-2-282-198 + Brake Pads Clip, Right, Left$19.55
CUFC31-35-6-859-651 + Stabilizer Link, Left$57.74
CUF441-11-8-122-484 + Insulator Mount Bracket, Front$5.05
CUF252-10-7-347-729 + Adjust Knob, Left, Right$12.90
CUFJ07-11-9-904-996 + Bumper Bracket Bolt, Right Front, Right Upper, Left Front, Left Upper$1.75
CUF031-12-7-849-504 + Upper Control Arm, Left, Right Upper$584.94
CUFM51-49-9-812-063 + Upper Trim Panel, Upper$52.10
CUFG07-11-9-905-859 + Grip Handle Screw, Right, Left$1.01
CUFV64-50-9-123-157 + Spoiler Nut, Lower, Upper$0.71
CUFX07-14-7-133-425 + Mount Strap Bolt, Left, Right$1.37
CUFN41-12-7-132-751 + Front Reinforced, Front$196.24
CUFR41-21-7-039-227 + Baffle Plate, Left, Right$48.64
CUFW18-30-7-505-325 + Catalytic Converter, Left$1,570.15
CUFY63-11-7-289-001 + Headlamp Assembly, Left$1,602.29
CUF813-62-7-525-014 + Camshaft Position Sensor, Left, Right$121.96
CUFQ34-52-7-853-584 + ABS Sensor, Left Rear, Right Rear$131.03
CUF951-35-7-202-481 + Window Regulator, Left$313.37
CUFK22-12-1-702-636 + Front Mount, Left, Left Front$52.51
CUFD51-21-8-235-097 + Lock Assembly, Left$386.77
CUF351-43-9-151-707 + Corner Trim, Left$102.15
CUFO07-11-9-905-893 + Engine Support Mount Bolt, Left Front, Right Front$3.15
CUF131-12-7-849-505 + Upper Control Arm, Right, Left Upper$584.94
CUFH63-31-9-358-031 + Lens, Left$25.32
CUFL51-41-7-244-357 + Door Trim Panel, Left$1,275.24
CUF732-31-6-753-800 + Lower Shaft and Joint Assembly, Lower$437.28
CUFU51-41-9-150-475 + Door Trim Panel, Left$1,702.67
CUF565-13-8-374-982 + Speaker, Left Front, Right Front$61.43
CUFT07-11-9-903-995 + Carrier Bolt, Right, Left$0.54
CU6F51-11-7-070-198 + Energy Absorber Bolt, Right, Left$6.72
CU6633-52-6-788-778 + Shock Mount, Left, Right$108.81
CU6S51-36-8-172-446 + Glass, Right$289.56
CU6A51-11-3-419-957 + Absorber, Left$68.95
CU6P51-21-7-318-421 + Lock Actuator, Left$194.78
CU6B31-12-2-339-996 + Control Arm, Right, Right Lower$145.69
CU6Z52-20-7-246-477 + Headrest, Left Outer, Right Outer$298.62
CU6I51-21-7-433-843 + Handle, Outside, Left$85.11
CU6E51-22-0-402-749 + Seal, Left$129.40
CU6C51-11-7-070-183 + Hinge Nut, Left, Right$1.02
CU6441-00-7-230-553 + Quarter Panel, Left$505.84
CU6218-30-7-646-997 + Rear Muffler, Rear$859.91
CU6J51-21-7-433-844 + Handle, Outside, Right$85.11
CU6051-12-7-315-501 + Lower Grille, Lower$49.56
CU6M51-11-7-413-496 + Lower Trim Panel, Lower$237.25
CU6G51-33-7-299-989 + Front Weather-Strip, Left Front$25.31
CU6V63-31-9-242-161 + Courtesy Lamp, Right, Left$10.90
CU6X51-16-2-497-201 + Sun-Visor, Left$261.67
CU6N51-21-7-318-416 + Lock Actuator, Right$190.88
CU6R33-53-1-133-048 + Upper Pad, Left Upper, Right Upper$15.73
CU6W51-16-7-189-485 + Mirror Assembly, Left$335.11
CU6Y41-11-8-152-508 + Reinforcement, Right$26.45
CU6818-30-7-645-938 + Rear Muffler, Rear$687.93
CU6Q51-72-7-122-433 + Opening Trim, Right Front, Left Front$146.37
CU6941-11-1-966-554 + Front Side Rail, Right Upper, Right Front$30.97
CU6K51-11-7-413-921 + Molding, Left$80.03
CU6D51-22-0-402-747 + Seal, Left$106.49
CU6361-62-7-208-602 + Rear Motor, Rear$239.81
CU6O51-21-7-318-419 + Lock Actuator, Left$194.78
CU6151-47-8-208-984 + Side Trim Panel Bracket, Right$13.26
CU6H17-11-7-544-531 + Radiator Upper Bracket, Left Upper, Right Upper$13.55
CU6L51-45-7-045-010 + Cover Panel, Left$68.31
CU6711-24-1-284-852 + Bearing, Lower$34.51
CU6U52-10-8-128-513 + Transmission, Left$918.46
CU6551-74-7-290-605 + Upper Duct, Upper$37.57
CU6T63-31-9-353-133 + Led Unit, Left, Right$32.07
CUSF61-61-7-198-597 + Wiper Arm, Left, Left Front$57.58
CUS634-30-6-792-253 + Brake Hose, Right, Left$30.13
CUSS41-52-8-185-067 + Door Shell, Left$788.53
CUSA34-11-6-864-060 + Brake Rotor, Left, Right$74.02
CUSP41-21-8-407-364 + Inner Panel, Right Front, Right Inner$184.72
CUSB51-21-7-207-257 + Belt Molding, Left$163.43
CUSZ52-20-7-254-748 + Headrest, Right, Left$471.51
CUSI07-14-7-147-142 + Drain Hose Bracket, Left, Right$2.44
CUSE51-21-7-231-931 + Handle, Outside, Left$425.51
CUSC34-11-6-864-047 + Brake Rotor, Left, Right$102.81
CUS461-61-7-198-672 + Wiper Arm, Left$45.88
CUS251-37-3-427-671 + Front Molding, Left Front$115.12
CUSJ51-35-7-305-631 + Guide Channel, Left$74.54
CUS065-77-6-970-904 + Occupant Sensor, Left Rear, Right Rear$346.52
CUSM32-11-6-777-521 + Tie Rod Assembly, Left$128.00
CUSG51-21-7-231-933 + Handle, Outside, Left$425.51
CUSV33-12-1-204-306 + Pinion Bearings, Rear$102.87
CUSX51-16-8-398-920 + Front Panel Cap, Front$1.93
CUSN51-37-4-828-484 + Quarter Glass, Right$238.31
CUSR16-11-7-194-457 + Fuel Tank Mount Strap, Right$42.09
CUSW65-77-6-970-908 + Impact Sensor, Right Front, Right$247.53
CUSY65-77-6-970-899 + Occupant Sensor, Right Front$355.17
CUS865-13-9-142-512 + Speaker, Right Rear, Right Front, Left Rear, Left Front$109.92
CUSQ51-35-7-209-143 + Upper Molding, Left Upper$128.53
CUS965-13-9-142-515 + Speaker, Left$120.92
CUSK33-53-1-136-385 + Upper Pad, Left Lower, Left Upper, Right Lower, Right Upper$8.48
CUSD34-11-6-768-188 + Bleeder Valve, Right, Left$7.90
CUS361-61-0-427-668 + Wiper Blade, Right, Left, Right Front, Left Front$42.90
CUSO51-47-8-243-356 + Floor Cover, Rear$955.44
CUS137-14-6-853-759 + Rear Sensor, Rear$73.57
CUSH07-14-9-197-038 + Side Molding Screw, Left, Right$0.43
CUSL51-47-8-243-332 + Floor Cover, Front$994.48
CUS765-13-9-142-510 + Tweeter, Left, Right$93.41
CUSU41-52-8-185-071 + Door Shell, Left$788.53
CUS563-13-7-165-733 + Repeater Lamp, Left, Right$35.47
CUST16-11-7-194-461 + Fuel Tank Mount Strap, Left$42.09