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BMW Door Trim Panel, Left, part #51-41-7-279-193
  • Manufactured: BMW
  • Part number: 51-41-7-279-193
  • Part: Door Trim Panel, Left
  • Replaces: 51-41-7-436-531
  • Price: $1,327.59

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2015BMWM33.0L L6 - GasBase
2016BMWM33.0L L6 - GasBase
2015BMWActiveHybrid 33.0L L6 - Electric/GasBase
2016BMW340i xDrive3.0L L6 - GasBase
2016BMW340i3.0L L6 - GasBase
2015BMW335i xDrive3.0L L6 - GasBase
2016BMW335i GT xDrive3.0L L6 - GasBase
2015BMW335i3.0L L6 - GasBase
2015BMW328i xDrive2.0L L4 - GasBase
2016BMW328i GT xDrive2.0L L4 - GasBase
2015BMW328i2.0L L4 - GasBase
2016BMW328i2.0L L4 - GasBase
2015BMW328d xDrive2.0L L4 - DieselBase
2016BMW328d xDrive2.0L L4 - DieselBase
2015BMW328d2.0L L4 - DieselBase
2016BMW328d2.0L L4 - DieselBase
2015BMW320i xDrive2.0L L4 - GasBase
2016BMW320i xDrive2.0L L4 - GasBase
2015BMW320i2.0L L4 - GasBase
2016BMW320i2.0L L4 - GasBase

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
ADFF33-32-6-760-361 + Rear Mount Bolt, Left Rear, Right Rear$6.07
ADF666-53-9-388-797 + Side Camera, Left Rear, Left Front, Right Rear, Right Front$565.14
ADFS51-16-7-282-731 + Mirror Assembly, Left$731.15
ADFA52-10-9-178-868 + Headrest Cover, Left, Right$22.70
ADFP63-11-7-393-855 + Socket, Left, Right$11.95
ADFB33-17-6-760-343 + Ft Lower Control Arm Retainer Nut, Right Front, Right Rear, Right Lower, Left Front, Left Rear, Left Lower$4.87
ADFZ51-16-7-076-699 + Sun-Visor, Left$154.40
ADFI13-90-8-602-281 + Breather Tube, Lower$56.09
ADFE11-12-8-621-955 + Valve Cover Gasket, Right$36.41
ADFC31-10-6-797-237 + Control Arm Bolt, Left Rear, Left Front, Right Rear, Right Front$4.21
ADF451-11-7-009-895 + License Bracket Support, Right, Left$35.91
ADF251-12-7-250-966 + Guide Bracket, Lower$24.08
ADFJ66-20-8-064-927 + Park Sensor, Inner$265.76
ADF065-13-3-451-767 + Rear Speaker, Right Rear, Left Rear$59.34
ADFM11-72-7-541-418 + A.I.R Pipe, Right$272.43
ADFG51-43-7-340-683 + Lower Center Pillar Trim, Left Lower$561.17
ADFV31-30-9-808-338 + Stabilizer Bar Bracket, Left, Right$32.77
ADFX51-48-3-449-837 + Water Shield, Left$56.46
ADFN34-11-6-799-386 + Brake Pads Clip, Right, Left$19.55
ADFR52-10-6-982-918 + Seat Back Frame, Right Rear, Left Rear$113.63
ADFW13-90-7-619-297 + Vent Valve, Lower, Right$102.08
ADFY64-31-3-450-925 + Filter Housing, Lower$390.92
ADF852-10-7-329-919 + Seat Back Frame, Right Rear, Left Rear$1,061.09
ADFQ31-20-3-450-600 + Front Wheel Bearing, Right Front, Left Front$106.86
ADF932-10-6-774-336 + Tie Rod Assembly, Right, Left$145.67
ADFK54-34-7-036-354 + Tension Cable, Right, Left$100.17
ADFD72-11-8-135-347 + Buckle, Left Outer$47.35
ADF311-14-1-439-570 + Oil Seal, Front, Lower$35.74
ADFO11-72-7-541-419 + A.I.R Pipe, Left$272.43
ADF151-42-7-079-685 + Door Trim Panel, Left$1,525.44
ADFH13-90-8-602-280 + Breather Tube, Lower$56.09
ADFL51-35-7-322-443 + Guide Channel, Left$75.62
ADF751-42-7-181-069 + Inner Panel, Left Inner$188.46
ADFU51-13-7-122-506 + Air Grille, Right$22.48
ADF552-10-7-299-679 + Seat Back Frame, Right Rear, Left Rear$370.69
ADFT41-51-7-038-092 + Door Shell, Right$881.48
AD6F66-20-6-989-069 + Sensor, Front$157.31
AD6637-10-6-877-553 + Strut, Left$1,094.28
AD6S31-35-6-773-512 + Stabilizer Bar Bushing, Right, Left$22.01
AD6A33-52-1-091-427 + Guide Support Plate, Left, Right$11.30
AD6P51-76-7-208-591 + Gasket, Left$98.80
AD6B34-11-6-765-881 + Caliper, Left$364.26
AD6Z32-10-3-444-999 + Tie Rod Assembly, Left, Right$188.47
AD6I52-20-7-146-198 + Seat Cover, Right$1,103.52
AD6E61-31-9-265-266 + Switch Assembly, Right$307.01
AD6C31-31-1-091-569 + Strut, Left$434.42
AD6441-00-7-389-466 + Fender Center Bracket, Right, Left$26.55
AD6261-31-6-966-669 + Lower Column Cover, Lower$116.97
AD6J51-16-9-202-267 + Holder, Front$36.79
AD6034-11-6-864-057 + Rotor, Left, Right$143.17
AD6M07-11-9-908-569 + Stabilizer Bar Bolt, Right, Left$1.96
AD6G17-12-7-646-150 + Upper Hose, Upper$65.19
AD6V64-53-9-155-346 + Rear Press Hose, Rear$201.36
AD6X65-13-9-218-695 + Speaker Box, Right, Left$260.26
AD6N51-76-7-208-583 + Upper Weather-Strip, Left Upper$32.96
AD6R17-11-7-645-650 + Upper Support, Upper$40.15
AD6W33-32-6-768-900 + Ft Upper Control Arm Nut, Left Upper, Right Upper$1.07
AD6Y65-13-9-218-698 + Woofer, Left, Right$226.32
AD6852-10-7-257-216 + Headrest, Left, Right$288.18
AD6Q51-21-9-803-705 + Handle, Outside, Left$77.92
AD6951-16-3-448-165 + Mirror Assembly, Left$603.18
AD6K07-11-9-902-913 + Blower Bolt, Lower$0.65
AD6D61-31-9-265-264 + Control Switch, Right$307.01
AD6351-43-7-224-405 + Lower Quarter Trim, Left Lower$363.21
AD6O52-20-7-146-210 + Seat Back Cover, Right Rear$1,158.65
AD6165-77-9-152-262 + Ft Impact Sensor, Left Front, Right Front$99.00
AD6H31-30-6-781-541 + Stabilizer Link, Left$57.74
AD6L31-21-6-865-143 + Knuckle, Left$320.20
AD6752-10-7-257-215 + Headrest, Left, Right$288.18
AD6U32-13-1-094-100 + Boot Clamp, Outer$2.84
AD6552-10-7-257-214 + Headrest, Left, Right$288.18
AD6T51-45-9-183-352 + Storage Box, Lower$4,233.28
ADSF51-16-1-943-122 + Filler Tube Retainer Nut, Left Upper, Left Lower, Right Upper, Right Lower$0.45
ADS651-23-7-242-548 + Latch, Left$70.87
ADSS07-12-9-904-150 + Lower Cover U-Nut, Lower$0.34
ADSA54-12-1-846-107 + Covering, Left$5.43
ADSP51-49-7-453-355 + Trim Molding, Left$13.96
ADSB61-31-9-183-016 + Front Console, Front$516.16
ADSZ51-48-2-757-693 + Heat Shield, Left Rear$141.14
ADSI07-12-9-904-144 + Support Bracket Nut, Right, Left$0.51
ADSE61-31-9-225-939 + Map Lamp Assembly, Front$466.79
ADSC12-51-8-645-492 + Engine Harness, Left$281.11
ADS434-21-1-162-061 + Backing Plate, Left$42.04
ADS251-45-9-239-303 + Side Cover, Left$28.61
ADSJ33-32-6-768-724 + Upper Control Arm, Left Upper, Right Upper$127.91
ADS064-11-9-288-175 + Water Outlet, Left$11.71
ADSM33-32-6-768-726 + Lower Control Arm, Right Lower, Left Lower$119.46
ADSG51-71-7-200-469 + Insert Panel, Right, Left$83.77
ADSV54-12-1-933-214 + Slide Rail, Right Upper$48.58
ADSX51-48-2-757-692 + Heat Shield, Right Rear$144.68
ADSN07-12-9-904-221 + Fog Lamp Assembly Nut, Right, Left$3.35
ADSR18-32-8-603-874 + Catalytic Converter, Front$1,491.18
ADSW07-12-9-904-232 + Mount Bracket Nut, Right Upper, Left Upper$0.59
ADSY11-53-8-607-960 + Water Outlet Pipe Bolt, Right, Left$14.31
ADS861-61-7-306-266 + Wiper Motor, Front$554.83
ADSQ17-12-7-510-952 + Upper Hose, Upper$65.19
ADS937-10-6-875-083 + Strut, Left$869.26
ADSK07-12-9-901-652 + Fog Lamp Assembly Nut, Right, Left$0.42
ADSD12-51-8-645-494 + Engine Harness, Left$281.11
ADS334-52-6-771-700 + Speed Sensor, Left Front, Right Front$109.20
ADSO51-49-7-453-352 + Gutter, Right$56.25
ADS107-14-7-144-276 + Bumper Cover Nut, Right, Left$0.68
ADSH07-12-9-904-220 + Rear Side Panel U-Nut, Left Rear, Right Rear$0.45
ADSL11-14-1-729-583 + Upper Cover, Right Upper$138.73
ADS751-23-7-242-549 + Latch, Right$70.87
ADSU51-76-8-045-445 + Upper Seal, Upper$9.59
ADS533-52-6-773-882 + Top Nut, Left, Right$1.06
ADST54-13-7-127-569 + Front Cover, Right Front, Left Front$91.50