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BMW Strut, Left, part #31-31-3-453-521
  • Manufactured: BMW
  • Part number: 31-31-3-453-521
  • Part: Strut, Left
  • Replaces: 31-30-3-411-619, 31-30-3-449-389, 31-30-3-412-397, 31-30-3-451-391, 31-30-3-451-393, 31-30-0-363-599
  • Price: $360.86

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2004BMWX32.5L L6 - Gas, 3.0L L6 - Gas2.5i, 3.0i
2005BMWX32.5L L6 - Gas, 3.0L L6 - Gas2.5i, 3.0i
2006BMWX33.0L L6 - Gas3.0i
2007BMWX33.0L L6 - Gas3.0si
2008BMWX33.0L L6 - Gas3.0si
2009BMWX33.0L L6 - GasxDrive30i
2010BMWX33.0L L6 - GasxDrive30i

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6GFF54-34-7-267-735 + Plate, Left$103.83
6GF651-35-7-289-261 + Belt Molding, Left$100.20
6GFS52-20-7-022-140 + Tray, Rear, Front$47.74
6GFA11-12-7-526-447 + Valve Cover Oil Seal, Upper$6.99
6GFP51-43-7-270-487 + Rear Cover, Left Rear$31.97
6GFB52-10-7-285-620 + Cushion Assembly, Right$1,432.04
6GFZ51-16-8-243-576 + Sun-Visor Bracket, Left, Right$10.96
6GFI33-17-6-770-788 + Suspension Cross-Member Insulator, Right Front, Right Inner, Left Front, Left Inner$26.55
6GFE72-12-9-147-343 + Head Air Bag, Left$561.87
6GFC16-11-7-183-794 + Fuel Gauge Sending Unit, Left$121.68
6GF417-13-8-621-092 + Expansion Tank, Left$130.12
6GF233-31-2-283-573 + Suspension Cross-Member Front Bushing, Left Front, Left Outer, Left$53.84
6GFJ07-14-9-158-226 + Handle, Inside Clip, Left, Right$0.26
6GF031-60-7-565-315 + Boot Kit, Left Inner, Right Inner$58.31
6GFM64-11-1-379-934 + Pipe, Lower$103.15
6GFG34-35-1-181-342 + Sensor, Right, Left$16.52
6GFV51-48-1-972-245 + Insulator, Right Inner, Left Inner$73.28
6GFX51-16-7-189-513 + Mirror Assembly, Left$536.16
6GFN32-31-1-160-323 + Cable Upper Bracket, Upper$12.17
6GFR34-21-6-855-003 + Rotor, Right, Left$115.12
6GFW51-41-3-453-835 + Door Trim Panel, Left$1,047.50
6GFY52-10-7-122-118 + Lower Cover, Left Lower, Right Lower$1,080.68
6GF863-12-3-456-044 + Composite Headlamp, Right$1,174.76
6GFQ51-45-9-809-543 + Front Trim, Left Front$43.36
6GF952-10-7-293-527 + Cushion Cover, Right$1,850.38
6GFK18-30-8-648-380 + Rear Muffler, Rear$1,336.30
6GFD51-22-8-245-465 + Handle, Outside, Left$137.18
6GF341-51-8-216-817 + Door Shell, Left$1,164.95
6GFO52-10-7-122-106 + Lower Cover, Right Lower, Left Lower$1,080.68
6GF151-16-7-190-209 + Mirror Assembly, Left$988.45
6GFH52-10-7-000-927 + Seat Back Panel, Rear$158.28
6GFL32-30-6-863-535 + Lower Cover, Lower$41.76
6GF741-51-1-961-308 + Door Shell, Right$627.80
6GFU51-21-9-801-617 + Handle, Outside, Left$97.36
6GF511-14-7-807-643 + Engine Cover, Rear$118.35
6GFT54-34-7-079-587 + Tension Cable, Left$17.54
6G6F41-11-1-925-549 + Rear Extension, Left Rear$31.48
6G6633-52-2-284-310 + Shock Absorber, Left, Right$207.10
6G6S51-13-7-237-137 + Roof Rail, Left$331.13
6G6A41-13-7-137-955 + Upper Panel, Left Upper$535.22
6G6P31-31-2-284-005 + Strut, Left$374.71
6G6B07-14-6-963-839 + Woodgrain Bolt, Right, Left$1.32
6G6Z51-21-7-207-542 + Handle, Outside, Right$327.31
6G6I67-31-7-075-945 + Adjust Motor, Left$300.39
6G6E11-53-7-505-229 + Lower Hose, Lower$43.16
6G6C51-34-7-177-655 + Fixed Glass, Left$256.69
6G6431-21-6-869-869 + Knuckle Assembly, Left$574.83
6G6211-12-7-638-639 + Valve Cover, Right$660.42
6G6J22-11-6-779-370 + Engine Support, Right$74.02
6G6051-21-7-207-532 + Handle, Outside, Right$327.31
6G6M34-11-2-283-723 + Backing Plate, Left$45.72
6G6G11-81-1-141-137 + Mount Bracket, Left, Left Front$121.10
6G6V51-76-7-221-843 + Surround Weather-Strip, Left$134.71
6G6X51-21-7-207-541 + Handle, Outside, Left$327.31
6G6N61-31-9-354-636 + Map Lamp, Left, Right$100.38
6G6R11-71-8-576-450 + Inter-Cooler, Upper$789.23
6G6W41-51-7-211-423 + Door Shell, Left$1,265.41
6G6Y51-71-7-168-995 + Lower Cover, Left Lower$294.65
6G6861-61-3-427-726 + Wiper Blade, Right, Right Front$18.68
6G6Q31-31-2-284-097 + Strut, Left$843.15
6G6961-66-7-275-175 + Washer Nozzle, Left, Right$124.95
6G6K31-31-6-782-207 + Strut, Left$152.67
6G6D51-34-7-177-656 + Fixed Glass, Right$256.69
6G6363-11-7-338-709 + Composite Headlamp, Left$574.75
6G6O51-11-8-176-271 + Energy Absorber, Left$198.60
6G6107-14-9-148-313 + Buckle End Screw, Left Upper, Right Upper$3.20
6G6H67-31-9-146-330 + Drive Assembly, Right$300.39
6G6L51-47-7-293-945 + Upper Panel, Upper$131.90
6G6733-52-2-284-314 + Shock, Left, Right$465.95
6G6U52-20-9-137-385 + Upper Cover, Upper$1,736.42
6G6522-11-6-850-329 + Motor Mount Bolt, Left, Right$2.36
6G6T52-20-9-137-382 + Lower Cover, Lower$1,653.74
6GSF52-10-7-257-222 + Headrest, Left$345.80
6GS633-31-6-778-120 + Suspension Cross-Member Stopper, Lower$43.11
6GSS17-11-1-712-963 + Side Support Rivet, Left, Right$0.34
6GSA37-10-6-877-553 + Strut, Left$1,094.28
6GSP51-45-7-115-936 + Knee Bolster, Right$48.05
6GSB52-10-7-257-215 + Headrest, Left, Right$288.18
6GSZ52-10-7-267-233 + Cushion Cover, Left, Right$1,425.51
6GSI61-31-6-947-772 + Upper Shroud, Upper$20.69
6GSE37-10-6-877-559 + Strut, Left$1,203.72
6GSC52-10-7-257-216 + Headrest, Left, Right$288.18
6GS461-31-6-947-827 + Lower Cover, Lower$79.12
6GS251-11-8-235-674 + Grille, Left Outer$31.64
6GSJ61-31-9-361-939 + Window Switch, Right$46.93
6GS011-21-7-637-063 + Bearings, Upper$39.51
6GSM61-31-9-361-941 + Window Switch, Left, Right$46.93
6GSG52-10-7-257-223 + Headrest, Left$345.80
6GSV33-53-6-778-546 + Protect Tube, Right, Left$25.85
6GSX33-52-6-779-398 + Guide Support Shim, Right, Left$1.38
6GSN51-45-7-115-935 + Knee Bolster, Left$49.17
6GSR63-21-7-200-819 + Tail Lamp Assembly, Left$273.72
6GSW34-21-6-757-749 + Brake Rotor, Right, Left$69.43
6GSY18-20-7-546-980 + Mount Strap, Right Upper$47.21
6GS851-17-9-158-844 + Rear Lamp Assembly Nut, Right Rear, Left Rear$3.45
6GSQ51-43-9-178-697 + Lower Center Pillar Trim, Left Lower$982.93
6GS907-14-9-148-308 + Belt and Retractor Bolt, Left, Right$3.40
6GSK41-00-7-389-489 + Fender Lower Bracket, Left Lower, Right Lower$26.55
6GSD51-16-3-448-165 + Mirror Assembly, Left$603.18
6GS351-11-8-235-638 + Grille, Right Outer$28.18
6GSO61-31-6-947-782 + Lower Cover, Lower$54.03
6GS141-11-7-377-771 + Apron and Wheelhouse, Left$1,054.13
6GSH61-31-9-361-936 + Window Switch, Right, Left$46.93
6GSL61-31-9-361-940 + Window Switch, Right$46.93
6GS752-10-9-809-395 + Lumbar Adjuster, Left$179.44
6GSU34-21-1-161-482 + Splash Shield, Right$76.77
6GS551-33-7-300-242 + Surround Weather-Strip, Left, Right$112.17
6GST63-21-7-295-339 + Tail Lamp Assembly, Left$183.37