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BMW Strut, Right, part #31-31-6-780-474
  • Manufactured: BMW
  • Part number: 31-31-6-780-474
  • Part: Strut, Right
  • Replaces: 31-31-6-763-130
  • Price: $144.79

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2006MiniCooper1.6L L4 - GasBase
2007MiniCooper1.6L L4 - GasBase

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
6AFF72-11-1-941-407 + Buckle End, Left, Right$107.96
6AF607-14-9-158-194 + Trim Molding Clip, Left, Right$0.99
6AFS51-71-7-461-350 + Door Shell Pad, Right Front$24.42
6AFA51-11-1-944-537 + Bumper Cover Rivet, Left Lower, Right Lower$0.26
6AFP33-18-1-181-123 + Upper Control Arm Holder, Upper$5.99
6AFB31-21-1-092-079 + Steering Knuckle, Left$137.96
6AFZ11-31-7-831-567 + Camshaft, Right$1,208.50
6AFI51-22-8-230-477 + Rear Molding, Left Rear$65.16
6AFE18-30-8-648-381 + Rear Muffler, Rear$1,445.14
6AFC63-13-8-382-104 + Socket, Left, Right$9.21
6AF451-16-7-379-515 + Sun-Visor, Left$162.89
6AF264-11-9-355-981 + Control Module, Front$130.70
6AFJ51-16-8-237-116 + Sun-Visor, Right$111.97
6AF052-20-7-076-381 + Seat Back Panel, Left Rear$58.51
6AFM41-21-8-228-235 + Center Pillar and Rocker, Left$1,325.34
6AFG51-47-6-966-738 + Storage Tray, Lower$463.41
6AFV61-67-7-147-046 + Washer Nozzle, Right$76.88
6AFX61-31-9-241-941 + Switch Panel, Right$46.93
6AFN65-77-6-949-908 + Impact Sensor, Right$487.66
6AFR31-33-6-771-352 + Strut Bumper, Right, Left$25.68
6AFW11-14-1-710-175 + Timing Cover Gasket, Upper, Outer, Lower, Front$2.64
6AFY61-31-9-241-949 + Window Switch, Right$46.93
6AF852-10-7-246-835 + Panel Cover, Left$120.38
6AFQ41-35-8-398-693 + Fender, Left$318.53
6AF911-14-1-725-756 + Timing Cover Gasket, Lower, Inner, Left$15.96
6AFK51-16-8-197-974 + Grip Handle, Right Front, Left Front$28.43
6AFD65-13-8-371-235 + Speaker Box, Left Front$73.90
6AF372-11-8-261-280 + Seat Belt Assembly, Right$219.06
6AFO65-77-6-949-911 + Impact Sensor, Left$355.17
6AF141-00-7-376-609 + Outer Panel, Left Outer$105.96
6AFH51-22-8-230-476 + Rear Molding, Right Rear$65.16
6AFL31-30-6-862-826 + Strut Mount Bolt, Left, Right$3.54
6AF751-77-7-245-741 + Step Pad, Left$208.69
6AFU63-14-7-165-871 + Marker Lamp, Left$34.98
6AF516-11-1-180-449 + Fuel Tank Mount Strap, Left Outer$65.42
6AFT63-14-7-165-869 + Marker Lamp, Left$34.98
6A6F33-52-6-788-999 + Upper Plate, Left Upper, Right Upper$3.97
6A6607-12-9-905-411 + Mount Panel Nut, Left, Right$0.75
6A6S31-12-2-229-521 + Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Rear, Left Lower$121.41
6A6A51-16-8-197-908 + Receiver Rivet, Right, Left$0.40
6A6P31-31-6-786-517 + Strut, Left$378.64
6A6B52-10-7-113-112 + Seat Back Cover, Right Rear, Left Rear$1,046.91
6A6Z63-13-7-165-809 + Repeater Lamp, Left$30.10
6A6I64-21-7-609-822 + Lower Hose, Lower$29.48
6A6E33-21-7-840-674 + Boot Kit, Right Outer, Left Outer$82.47
6A6C18-30-2-327-683 + Catalytic Converter Clamp, Rear, Front$25.03
6A6451-16-7-252-483 + Sun-Visor, Left$79.88
6A6251-42-7-391-329 + Upper Cover, Left Upper$38.22
6A6J51-71-7-161-921 + Reflector, Left, Right$10.43
6A6064-50-8-390-603 + Expansion Valve O-Ring, Inner Lower$1.29
6A6M34-32-6-757-744 + Brake Hose, Left, Right$47.48
6A6G63-13-7-165-741 + Repeater Lamp, Left$30.10
6A6V51-49-7-130-410 + Upper Cover, Upper$300.07
6A6X64-50-8-390-600 + Valve Seal, Rear$3.03
6A6N41-00-7-426-413 + Apron/Rail Assembly, Left$511.53
6A6R41-00-7-426-416 + Inner Rail, Right Inner$104.14
6A6W18-30-1-437-556 + Vibration Damper, Left$95.32
6A6Y63-13-7-165-808 + Signal Lamp, Right$108.57
6A6841-11-7-185-250 + Rail Support, Right$52.40
6A6Q41-00-7-426-415 + Inner Rail, Left Inner$101.69
6A6937-14-6-870-000 + Height Sensor, Right, Left$88.88
6A6K27-20-7-643-217 + Side Cover, Left$32.06
6A6D33-21-7-840-673 + Boot Kit, Left Inner, Left Outer, Right Inner, Right Outer$101.83
6A6351-16-7-153-075 + Mirror Assembly, Left$928.46
6A6O51-12-7-266-466 + Tow Eye Cap, Right$34.57
6A6137-12-6-755-022 + Reservoir, Right$231.46
6A6H72-11-9-160-126 + Outer Belt Assembly, Right Outer, Left Outer$164.35
6A6L54-34-7-172-027 + Weatherstrip, Left Rear$698.13
6A6741-11-7-185-249 + Rail Support, Left$52.40
6A6U07-14-7-172-616 + Hinge Bolt, Right, Left$2.17
6A6563-13-7-165-845 + Repeater Lamp, Left$31.80
6A6T51-49-8-402-380 + Lower Trim Panel, Lower$250.48
6ASF52-10-7-250-058 + Seat Adjuster, Right$775.49
6AS651-21-7-292-571 + Handle, Outside Gasket, Left$36.89
6ASS51-41-7-320-184 + Door Trim Panel, Right$910.88
6ASA31-12-6-772-301 + Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Lower$140.90
6ASP72-11-9-119-547 + Buckle, Left$195.15
6ASB41-35-2-290-799 + Upper Support Bolt, Upper$1.07
6ASZ52-10-7-111-882 + Seat Adjuster, Right$1,196.42
6ASI33-10-7-594-401 + Output Shaft, Right, Left$218.13
6ASE37-12-1-091-412 + Strut, Right$704.85
6ASC31-12-6-772-303 + Ball Joint, Left, Left Lower$87.90
6AS434-11-6-794-920 + Brake Pads, Front$128.75
6AS265-13-6-800-953 + Woofer, Left$568.87
6ASJ32-10-6-774-321 + Outer Tie Rod, Right, Right Outer$108.49
6AS034-11-6-794-913 + Brake Pads, Front$128.75
6ASM72-11-9-119-541 + Buckle End, Left$153.73
6ASG52-10-7-253-527 + Cushion Cover, Right$1,790.02
6ASV51-71-7-325-401 + Splash Shield, Left Rear$83.28
6ASX72-12-7-312-464 + Side Impact Inflator Module, Right$269.58
6ASN32-41-6-763-559 + Power Steering Suction Hose, Lower$103.01
6ASR34-11-6-799-964 + Brake Pads, Right Front, Left Front$295.64
6ASW32-10-6-776-946 + Outer Tie Rod, Right Outer, Left Outer$108.49
6ASY61-61-0-443-590 + Wiper Blade, Left, Left Front$42.90
6AS807-14-6-988-521 + Rod Assembly Bolt, Left, Right$2.17
6ASQ07-14-7-209-203 + Applique Clip, Right, Left$2.00
6AS954-34-7-177-319 + Seal Strip, Left$293.25
6ASK72-11-9-119-539 + Buckle End, Left$176.18
6ASD31-30-6-779-823 + Rear Lower Control Arm Bolt, Rear, Lower$5.00
6AS334-11-6-794-917 + Front Pads, Front$128.75
6ASO32-41-6-782-708 + Upper Press Hose, Upper$255.12
6AS134-11-6-794-915 + Brake Pads, Front$128.75
6ASH32-10-6-774-318 + Tie Rod Assembly, Left$165.17
6ASL72-11-9-119-540 + Buckle End, Right$176.18
6AS764-53-8-387-438 + Fill Valve Cap, Rear$1.74
6ASU32-10-6-777-268 + Tie Rod Assembly, Right, Left$164.92
6AS551-43-1-945-356 + Cover, Right$168.96
6AST32-10-6-777-479 + Tie Rod Assembly, Left, Right$164.92